Monday, January 17, 2011

Edwardian Farm and other things

Location: Bedroom
Music: Yes Indeed~ Tommy Dorsey
Book: The Edge Chronicles (Book Three)
Mood: Hungry!

Yesterday I was supposed to go out to the Olive Garden with my mom, brother and sister. But I really didnt have the money to spend, so I ended up not going. :( I wasnt very happy about it, but as a result I got a ton of stuff done. 

I made Applesauce cupcakes which turned out sooo well. I was very pleased with them and I wish I could share them with everyone but they're mind lol. My dad and I froze them so we can keep them longer.

And I worked on the scarf I am knitting. Its coming along really well. I can't wait till its done.

But mostly, I spent the day watching Edwardian Farm which is a spin off of Victorian Farm. I watched a whole four episodes lol. I enjoyed it so much and learned a good deal from it. I loved researching history and learning from these type of shows. You never know what you'll learn. 

Oh and I borrowed Great Expectations from the library for my plane ride when I come home from Kansas. I cant wait for my first plane ride. I hope nothing goes wrong on the way to Kansas and the way home. 

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