Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elegant, Beauty (Giulia)

Giulia quietly made her way through the narrow corridors of the palace she shared with the Pope’s favorite daughter and his third cousin. She gently traced her finger on the richly woven tasperies that hung on the wall, lost in their story, she didn’t notice when Adriana came up beside her.

“Beautiful, are they not?” She asked. For she knew Giulia’s strong desire for rich, and beautiful things. They were the same as her own. Giulia smiled, and nodded, without taking her eyes off the tasperies. She loved looking into them. Each one told many stories. Stories about the people who made them, stories inside them, and the stories that the people who made them, wanted you to see.

“Yes, they are. But not as lovely as you dear Adriana.” Giulia said kindly.

“This, I am afraid is quite true.” Adriana said with a smirk. “We women, of beauty are naturally gifted. A taspery must be woven to be beautiful. “Come. Rodrigo is waiting for us down stairs.”

“Pope Alexander…” Giulia began, then, as if in mid sentence, she changed her mind from whatever it was she was going to say. And what she was going to say, she really had no idea. “These colorful tasperies really are something. Do you not agree Adriana?” She asked turning to face the woman. Adriana smiled and nodded.

“I do. Have you had word from your husband lately?” Adriana asked as the two of them began walking once again towards the dining hall.

“Yes, he sent me a little puppy and sends his love. I think he really does love me Adriana. Not like Rodrigo of course. No one can love more than the Pope.”

“This is true, my dear. I thought tomorrow we could go out into the plaza. Perhaps go shopping at the market.”

“Is that wise?” Giulia asked stopping. “I would much rather have Tessa do it for us.”

“My dear, we must get out of this castle sometime.”

“Couldn’t we go out into the countryside? Take Cecilia with us. I think it would be good for her to go out with us as well.”

“Yes, perhaps. We shall see how she is feeling.” Adriana responded as the two finally made their way into the dining room.

“Oh that smells wonderful. I am simply starving.” Giulia said taking her place at the table.

“No, dear, I doubt you are starving. Just hungry.” Adriana said picking up a wine glass and taking a sip out of it.

“It is the same thing, isn’t it?”

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