Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A sister with a purpose ( Catarina)

Catarina rolled her eyes in a most un lady like manner, as she watched her half sister kneel at the altar. Her sister took a nervous step before she knelt down and Catarina was certain that her sister was nervous. It wasn’t like Clarice was approaching a battle or something. It was marriage Catarina herself wasn’t nervous about getting married. In fact she didn’t think she ever would. Unless of course it was someone she wanted to married. She certainly wasn’t going to let her family tell her who to marry. No, she didn’t even consider them her family.Her family was her late father.

At the thought of her dead father, Catarina felt tears sting at the corner of her eyes. She dashed them away and leaned up against the wall. She did not notice a figure approach her.

“Tears on your sister’s wedding?”

“She isn’t my sister.” Catarina snapped turning to face one of her few friends. Cardinal Perio shook his head. He had not wanted to be a Cardinal, however, his father and his father’s father had all been in the church and as a result. Perio had been forced into the church as well.

“She is your half sister by blood.” He said in his soft spoken manner.

“She may be my half sister by blood, but that does not make me her sister.” Catarina responded softly.

“I have a letter for you.” Perio finally said taking a piece of parchment out of his sleeves.

“From---“ Catarina was about to say the Pope, but Perio held hi his two fingers and nodded his head. She wasn’t supposed to have letters from the Pope, and apparently the Pope himself did not want anyone to know he was writing to a Medici. Not that it mattered. He could just have her killed if anyone found out. Or say he didn’t write to her. This was something that she could see him doing.

“Do not read it here.” Perio warned and Catarina sighed, and then rolled her eyes again. “You will never get a husband if you keep rolling those eyes.

“Apparently I caught you by rolling my eyes.” Catarina giggled, referring to an ongoing affair she currently had with him and playfully nudged him. Perio glared at her. “Alright, alright, Mr. Serious.” She said still giggling but trying not to.

“ I will see you tonight?”

“After the dance. Unless of course you care to join us.”

“I may take you up on that offer.” Perio said then, bowed behind the door leaving Catarina alone to watch her sister’s wedding while pretending to not be a part of the family she so despised.

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