Friday, January 21, 2011

(some place in Mississippi- 1920) Strange Fire Flies (Alice)

Some sort of crazy jazzy music could be heard through the corn field that I stood in, dressing myself after ditching that dreaded raggedy old hospital gown. I still had no idea what I was doing. I knew things. Yes, I did know things, but I couldn’t seem to remember major things. Like, where I was, why was I in a hospital? What I was I doing there? How did I get to that desperate situation? And most of all how did I become what I was now?

I figured that I wasn’t always a vampire. But I had know idea how I became a vampire. What was stranger was this weird thirst for blood. The woman, who wore the outfit I was putting on, died easily enough. She put up a fight at first. They always did. And I didn’t really like drinking human blood, there had to be another way, I just wasn’t sure what.

In the beginning, when I first woke up, things were rather hazy until I fed, and then I started to wander, drinking a human whenever I could, always staying in the shadows. I had these strange visions of when I would meet a human. Where that human was and so forth. It was then that I realized I could see the future. But I didn’t know how to control it.

This was also when I realized that I simply could not go wandering around any longer in that dusty, smelly old hospital gown and be taken seriously. So, the first vision I had of my next victim, I studied very carefully. I studied what she was wearing, where she was. Who she was. She was a young teenager about my age. Just married. Oh, there was two of them! Excellent! The woman wore a beautiful white dress with lace at the bottom and a pink little sash around it. She had a matching hat and a shawl. Cute little brown boats to go with the outfit, and was milking a cow in a barn? Why would you pick a dress like that to milk a cow? I wondered as I wandered closer to where the woman sat. I saw her husband, near by. This meant I would have to take both down….

Somehow, I ended up in the corn field with my two bloodless humans. Jazz music still played from some record player and a cow moed. And just as I was about to leave, the sun slowly began to wake up. It was the first time, I had seen the sunlight since I woke up. I couldn’t help but stay.

Just as I knelt down a ray of sunbeam hit my pale, skin the part that wasn’t hidden under the new dress, tights and shoes I was wearing. Instead of my skin being the usual hard, pale cold that it normally, was, it suddenly, lite up, like a thousand fire flies dancing in the night. I stood up, stunned and held up both my hands in the sunlight. Yep, my skin was defiantly dancing. I stepped into the sunlight. Well, that didn’t hurt like I expected. But my skin lite up even more. I felt like a tiny Fire Fly. I twirled around. That was pretty neat! But not something the humans would like. So that was why vampires always stayed away from the sun.

Yes, I could see why vampires stayed away from the sun. But what a pity. The twinkling skin sure would make a nice fashion statement! With that last thought, I turned, bent down and picked up the man’s overly large trench coat and donned it. Then, set off for the woods.

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