Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unemployment check finally!

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Book: The Edge Chronicles book three
Mood: Chipper

This morning I woke up kinda grougy. Is that a word? lol maybe I just invited it. Everything was kinda muddled and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. In fact, I did. I got up, brush my teeth and hair and all that jazz and somehow ended up back in bed for a half hour. But now I feel ooh so much better. I guess I just needed to sleep for another half hour. What's more is I woke up to a new blanket of snow on the ground!

I love to wake up to snow, It looks so pretty and peaceful in the morning when the sun is shining down on it. 

Anyway, things are brightening up a bit. I got my first unemployment check today. And while I shouldn't really be happy about collecting unemployment. I am very grateful for the check. This means I can pay my insurance and put money on my phone yay! It also means that now everything will be better because I will be able to pay my bills. Now I just hope that they give me a check backed up from Septemeber. That would help a lot.

And, I did make a few crafts recently. I havent been making alot of them. But I made my first hat! Yes I have made a hat. lol it was for a doll. They say the best way to pratice making clothes is for dolls. So i did. I think it turned out okay for my first one. 

I found the tutorial for the little hat here.

And I also made a press flower bookmark. Using the instructions from  Samantha's Friendship Fun.

And now, I just need to find other things to make with my time. As my hours have been cut back again due to it being slow. Oh well. Now its okay because I get underemployment yay me. 

It's a Christmas Carol but oh so pretty. 

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