Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being Watched (Bree)

I had the distant feeling that someone was following me. Yet every time I looked back to see who it was, there was no one in sight. Feeling rather uneasy, I found myself slipping down into the creepy shadows of Seattle’s only subway station. If the subway station could be called that. Seattle’s subway wasn’t really that long and no one hardly ever used it. So when I had explored it the other day, I wasn’t too surprised to find a few abandoned tunnels deep underground. I guessed these tunnels must have been part of the original Subway?

Besides feeling as I had been followed all day, I did have another reason to ditch the streets and crawl into the underground tunnels. It was raining cats and dogs outside and I was soaked through. Everything I owned, well the small amount of things I owned was also drenched. The only thing that was saved was my Discman. Thankfully, because it wasn’t like I could afford a new one. Nor was I probably smart enough to steal one. Seeing how, I hadn’t been able to steel much since I spent the rest of Dad’s money.

I sank down in the farthest corner of the tunnel. Still feeling as if I was being watched and I probably was. Those Security Guards had a way of showing up in the most inconvenient places. I pulled off my hoody and laid it out on the damp, stone floor of the tunnel. Well, it would work for now. Then, pulled my book bag off my bag and sit it down. I wondered how much of my stuff was dry?

Nothing, great. If I didn’t die from starvation, I’d die from being cold and wet. Things had to change soon. I once again regretted running away. But maybe running away was better than being beaten all the time.

I had constantly gone back and forth about this in my head since I had runaway. But every time I tried to think of the cons of running away, I couldn’t think of any. The only one that kept tickling by was the fact that I wasn’t with my Dad anymore.

But I should have waited until I 16. At least then I would have had a license and could have a job. Stupid Bree, really stupid. I kicked the drenched book bag away. Then, I saw it, a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I jumped up.

“W… Who’s there?” I asked picking up my soaked hoody and bookbag. No one answered. I heard a noise coming from some place near me, and jumped. Okay, maybe the tunnel wasn’t the best place for me.

I found myself, running out of it, staying inside the shadows. It wouldn’t do to have the Security guards find me. The noise, I was certain was following me. Once I was outside the subway system, I checked my surroundings. Nothing. Maybe I was really loosing it.

That was when I smelled it. Food. I sighed, again, and slipped inside soup kitchen. Boy, I didn’t even know those still existed anymore. But luckily for me, they did. The woman who handed me a bowl of soup looked at me for a moment, and then went on to the next person. I wondered, if my dad had papered me. But then, decided that he probably wouldn’t. Why the hell would he care what happened to me? He didn’t care before. I slipped into a seat, and slurped my soup quietly. At least here surrounded by people, I didn’t feel as if I was being watched or followed.

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