Monday, February 14, 2011

The Blame Game (Alice: Twisted Twilight Version)

“They’re going to blame me for this.” Edward was saying holding on to Bella. The two had been very clingy since Bella and I had rescued Edward. Or at least had tried to rescue Edward. Of course, everything went wrong. And how I missed that vision, was beyond me. I was rather annoyed with Edward and his Romeo and Juliet, melodramatic, ass of a self at the moment.

He was right. They were going to blame him. Not Carlisle and Esme of course, but more, Rosalie, Jasper and Em. Especially Rose. I glared at him. Well, you are the one who decided to go suicidal. Do you blame them? I asked in my mind so Bella didn’t hear. Some of this was her fault as well. Charlie was going to freak when he realized Bella wasn’t going to be coming home.

Shut up Alice. What would you have done?

I would have been fine. Eventually. I said, the conversation still in my head. The Volturi aren’t telling them anything just yet. They’re dealing with Carlisle.

I know that Edward all but snapped.

The situation of course was very stressful. Thanks to my brother and his stupidcotic ways we were now prisoners in Volterra. We couldn’t go home. The Volturi threatened to tear apart our family, and we wouldn’t let that happened. They had then locked us up in rooms. Go figure. But it wasn’t always going to be like this.

I had a vision that we weren’t always going to be here, and it was something I needed to talk to Carlisle about. So that my family wouldn’t do something rash. No, it was best that we took hold of the situation and made the best of it. At least for now.

Besides, Italy did have some of the best places to go shopping, and I wanted to see Rome. Provided, Aro let me. The idea of Aro being Master now was unsettling. I glared at Edward again.

This isnt all my fault. He snapped in his mind. I shrugged.

“Will you two talk out loud?” Bella finally asked growing annoyed with our silent conversation. “IT’s not your fault Edward.” She added quietly. Her hands entwined with his. I rolled my eyes.

“No, it’s not completely his fault. Nor yours. However, I am afraid that Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper might not see it that way at first. But They’ll forgive him.” I said staring out the window to the city below us. I pouted. And I had just stolen a Porsche I couldn’t drive too. Phooey.

“ But we’ll get out of this right? I mean it wont be forever?” Bella asked. I shook my head.

“Be very careful of what you say, think and do.” I said firmly looking at my friend, my brother’s lover and the reason for this whole mess---“

Don’t blame Bella. Came Edward’s thoughts. I glared at him.

I don’t. I said with a sigh. I really blame Aro on this. It is his doing anyway. I just wish they’d let us see the others. Especially Carlisle.

How much longer until we see them?

Not long now. I said. Bella sighed, and sank down on the bed that had been provided for her.

“I really wish you would have conversations like normal people.” She said. Despite the situation, Edward and I laughed, wondering what I would be like to be normal.

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