Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Egypt) The results of the discovery (Alessandra)

I wasn’t incredibly worried about facing four vampires, with my what? Friends? Yes I supposed they could be called that, well Petrus was much more than that and Demetri I had known for too long to be anything other than that. Anna--- I stopped my thoughts on Anna. Still unsure if I considered a friend or not. But it didn’t matter. We were about to clearly do battle with four vampires.

Once again, not that I was worried. The four of us, could easily take the vampires. Anna, may not have had a gift, but Demtri, Petrus and I did. And we had won our fair share of battles. I only wished that Jane was there. And for the first time, I regretting wishing she was with us. I hated that little brat as much as I did her brother. However, their gifts were incredibly useful.

Demetri nodded to me, as the four vampires slowly came into view. We knew they were still far away given our wonderful Vampire vision, but close enough that we could mentally plan out our strategy. Cloak hoods up, Anna had managed to put her hood up over her hat. How I had no idea, Demetri standing between Anna and I and Petrus beside me. I made a metal note of the objects in front of me and before the vampire who clearly was the leader, could blink, I thrust a spear in front of him. Not that it would harm him. It was just to give a warning. He took a step backwards.

“Volturi?” He all but spat with hatred. Why did people always do that I wondered as we relaxed, and took down the hoods.

“Yes, we are Volturi. And if you value your lives, you will kindly not battle with us.” Demetri said all gentlemanly like. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh Please, we can take them Amun.” A younger man said coming out of the shadows. But the one named Amun held up his fingers.

“No, he’s right. I do not wish to battle you. But you are in our territory. May I ask why?” Amun said. Anna gestured towards the Mural.

“We were looking for the tomb of Sekhment.” She answered. Amun blinked, then other, younger vampire looked amused.

“You are still looking for that temple, after all these years. I thought we put a stop to that when we---“ Amun stopped the younger one from finishing his sentence and it was then that I realized, these were the vampires who had killed Anna’s friends, and caused her turning. I looked over at her. But she simply shrugged.

“Ah well, why shouldn’t we look for it?” She asked. “We are vampires now and much better equipped for the undertaking. Perhaps, you know where it is?” I rolled my eyes.

“He’s not going to tell us where it is.” I said looking at her and then glancing at Demetri.

“Well phooey.” Anna said, a little pout appearing on her lips and I laughed despite the situation we were in.

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