Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kansas trip and Flapper Purse

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It's been such a long time since I actually wrote in my blog. Seems like I always say that doesnt it? lol.

Ayway, things have been crazy busy but are now slowing down. On the 27th of January my sister and I drove my other sister's car out to Kansas where she had my brother moved. My brother paid for the whole trip! So we got to see Wichita and where they are living. I have to say that I have no desire to move to Kansas. Though it was pretty sweet seeing the prairies for 80 miles straight on a clear, bright and sunny day!

Work is still not as good as it used too be. But i have now come to the conclusion that it probably never will until I find another job. Which probably wont happen till I move to Alaska. Then I will have to find another job. I'm currently only on 27 hours a week. Better then 23 at least. Places just arent hiring. At least I can fall back up on Unemployment. Though even that doesnt make up for what I used to me making. *sigh* 

Anyway, Enough with the complaining. Yesterday, I had the day off and decided to make a cute little Flapper purse that I found a DIY for earlier. After reading Vixen by Jillian Larkin I have to admit, I am all over the Flapper era lol. I even found a copy of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Which I've never seen and plan on watching today. Should be great fun! 

Here is the DIY video I used to make the purse with.
I think the purse turned out pretty well. except I hate using sequins lol. 

Oh and I watched The King's Speech yesterday. Awesome, awesome movie. I highly recommend it! 
anyway, off to watch movies and enjoy the rest of my day off. 

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