Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mistletoe and Coco 2 (Alice Twilight)

“You tried to stuff the turkey with marshmallows Emmett!” Bella was saying, while I had Edward making the mashed potatoes. That at least was something he could do without messing it up. Jazz leaned in and kissed me, holding up a mistletoe toe. I giggled.

“You know you don’t need a mistletoe toe to do that.” I said, rolling out the dough I had mixed up for the dinner rolls.

“Sure I do, but it’s all about the season.” Jasper said. Rosalie looked over expectantly towards Emmett. Thinking that he should be doing the same thing with the mistletoe toe but his mind totally wasn’t on kissing her at the moment. She sighed. Then, gave him a famous glare.

“What?” He asked. She didn’t reply. “Babe, what?” No reply. Bella and I giggled.

“He really is clueless, isnt he?” Bella asked. I nodded.

“Yeah when it comes to certain things. Em is just a guy.” I smacked him. Of course it didn’t hurt and he still didn’t get what we were talking about either. We laughed at him. That was when I heard it, we all heard it. Well, everyone but Bella.

“Am I missing something?” Bella asked.

“A human.” Em said with the roll of his eyes.

“It’s the UPS Truck.” I said, and glided across the floor to the front door. I opened it before the UPS driver could ring the doorbell.

“Alice Cullen?” He asked handing me a package. What? I hadnt seen a package in my future! A surprise, wow, I wondered how someone had managed to get that pass me. Oooh and it was from my little relative. Sarah White.

“Yes, I am Alice.” I said taking the package and signing it. I turned around to see my siblings standing not too far from me.

“What is it?” Jazz asked.

“A package from Sarah White.”

“Who?” Rosalie asked.

“Oh someone I know is all.” I said quickly exchanging a shush look with Jasper. Of course besides Carlisle, Jasper and Edward knew about Sarah, but I hadnt told anyone else. I quickly opened the package.

“Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for your cute little gift. I absolutely loved the vintage hat. It will go perfect with a dress I recently bought and my boyfriend loves it too. I would love to meet up with you some time. How far away is Forks anyway? I’ve never heard of it until now.

Merry Christmas


Ps. I included a small gift for you. I hope you like it.

Inside the package was a small pair of lacy leggings, and a cute bunny stuff animal. I had told her about getting rid of Coco. Next to the stuff animal was a little note.

Because you had to get rid of Coco, I thought you could have a Coco two that you didn’t have to get rid of. But I am sure that little Olivia is taking good care of your bunny.

I giggled. The stuff animal looked just like Coco too, it was perfect.

“You told her about Coco?” Jazz asked pulling the stuff animal out. I nodded.

“Yep. Now we have a Coco 2.” I said putting the bunny down on the floor in front of the door. Just then, Carlisle and Esme walked in. Carlisle gently, took Esme’s coat off her and put it on the hook, while she took off her hat, gloves and blue scarf? I grinned.

“What’s this? Another Coco?” Esme asked me.

“Yep. From Sarah White.” I said smiling at Carlisle.

“I have a feeling, there is more to Sarah then Alice is letting on. Rosalie said to Emmett.

“Babe, it’s Alice. Everything is more than she tells us. “

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