Sunday, February 27, 2011

A new niece to spoil (Alice post)

I tugged a suitcase full of little baby clothes, I had bought with me from Seattle and Italy for little Elizabeth. There were of course little toys, and ribbons and baby bottles, blankets. Basically everything my brother and sister in law may need for a baby. Plus, formula.

“Alice…” Carlisle laughed. “They are coming home you know in a few days.”

“Oh I know, and Elizabeth is going to be very happy with us. I just want to make sure she has enough play things while she is in the hospital.” Carlisle laughed again.

“The nurses I am sure will take good care of her.” After the whole Christmas ordeal, I didn’t see how Carlisle could trust those nurses. “It is their job Alice.”

I rolled my eyes.” True enough. Little do they know that Elizabeth is the relative of vampires who can eat them alive if they hurt her.” I said matter of factly. Carlisle laughed again.



“Did you and Jazz ever want children?” I blinked and looked over at Carlisle, still bouncing my legs back and forth in the seat.

“No.” I said simply. “The thought never really crossed our minds. We’re frozen, it’s not something we can have. I mean, maybe Jazz wanted them once. But not now. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t spoil my new niece to pieces. She is going to loooove me the best!” I giggled.

“Of that, I have no doubt.”


“Can I hold her?” I asked, as Elizabeth held onto my finger. Tiny hands, she was so precious, as I knew she would be. Edward, nodded, and placed her into my hands. I gently, very gently, because I didn’t want to crush her, held her up in my arms. She cooed. I laughed.

“See, I told you she was going to like me the best.” I said looking over at Carlisle.

“Alice, you’ve hardly known her for two minutes.” Edward smiled.

“If Alice says that Elizabeth will like her the best, than I am sure Elizabeth will like her the best.” Bella piped up from her bed. I giggled; Elizabeth looked up at me with big eyes. Those eyes seemed to study mine for a moment. It was almost as if she knew my eyes were not normal. And perhaps she did. But she still held my cold finger. Her tiny hand, felt so warm.

“She’s so beautiful, Bella.” I said with a sigh. “I am going to spoil her rotten!” I grinned.

“Alice, you already have.” Edward said now tugging the suitcase of baby goodies I had brought. “What are we going to do with all this stuff? She’s not living here.”

“Well, I had to make sure she was well cared for by her auntie! Ooooh, Emmett and Jazz should be here soon. I cant wait for them to meet her. “

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