Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(NYC, New York~ 1928) Determined to win~ Alice Post

A misty smoke rose high above the scene of flappers and dandies dancing away through the night under the dimed lights of the Speakeasy that I had taken up residence in at nights lately. The piano player, a handsome, rich, chocolate colored fellow, played away Let’s Misbehave while Jillian, a sweet, young thing who was not so sweet and young, sang her little heart out, and dancers kicked it up to the tune. All thinking they were terrible humans because they were in a Speakeasy and drinking alcohol. Which thanks to the Prohibition, caused us all to be outlaws.

Of course, if they only knew what they had in the mist of their little precious Speakeasy, I was certain, that the place wouldn’t be so lively. No, instead, they’d be running around like little chickens being chased by a fox into the corner of the room, waiting for me to suck their blood out of their helpless little human bodies. Yet, I would never do that. I wasn’t that kind of vampire. If only they knew. But, no one did, and I was safe, shuffling cards in a back corner table where no one bothered me but those who dared.

“I hear you can shuffle out those cards about as fast as you can drink.” A slurred, gruff, voice said taking a cigar out of his mouth. I looked up to see a human, man and sighed dramatically. He was going to ask me if I would play him. He had a bet on me. Of course I would win. Thanks to my little talent. I rolled my eyes and gestured for him to sit down while dealing out cards.  He was going to ask if he could deal the cards, so I pulled all the cards in and flipped the deck around.

“Uh-oh. I want to deal them.” He said taking the deck out of my hands. I smirked.

“Suit yourself.” I said.

“You cheat, I know you do!” They all said that. I rolled my eyes. It wasn’t my fault I had a special talent of seeing the future. I gestured for the man to quit shuffling the cards and to deal them. I could see each card already.  The man dished out the cards. Yep. I was going to win this one too. I could see that already.

The game was done in about five minutes. The man sat back in the chair, his hands over his head completely baffled by my talent.

“Shit!” He said handing me well over a thousand dollars. I smiled. Rent for the next month, the rest was going in the safe in the bank until

… Well I couldn’t say for sure, but the foreseeable future was not looking good for America. I would be in England though when this happened.  “Shit!” The man said again looking now at his rather thin wallet. A part of me wanted to feel bad about this. A part of me really did. But, I honestly didn’t.

He would have spent it on something else. Probably more alcohol.

I glanced over at Jillian up on the stage and our lovely piano player. Making a mental note to take lessons from him. Learning how to play the piano would be fun! And later in the future perhaps I could play with Edward Cullen. He was going to be my brother but he didn’t know it yet. I giggled.

“Something funny?” The man asked.

“Only that you lost when you so determined to win.” I said giggling and almost challenging him. I was bored anyway and had nothing else to do.

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