Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Onto a new location (Alessandra)

I rolled my eyes. So we were moving onto some place new. At least it wasn’t Volterra. I had no desire to go back there. I had no desire to be ruled by Aro and to be afraid of my every move. I supposed I wasn’t really afraid of my every move. Death never bothered me. I was supposed to be dead two thousand years ago. I was supposed to be dead many times after that. So, really, I guess I was just bothered by the idea of being near Aro. I wanted to hold something over him so fiercely that it made me shake. I desperately needed to know how vampires came to be. And I desperately wanted to know if there was a way to cure it.

To cure immortally. Great Kings and warriors often died with the wish of becoming immortal. But once one was immortal, unless of course you were Aro, it was an exists of boredom. I sighed, as I took off my black, kid gloves, and cloak. I hated that cloak, but it was easy to vanish inside it and become one with the night. Which is exactly why it was created.

“So Iraq then?” Petrus asked hanging up his own cloak.

“Yes, it looks like it.” I said looking around the suit we shared in the hotel with Anna and Demetri.

“You don’t like the idea?” Petrus said matter of factly. No, it wasn’t that. I shook my head.

“I’m just relieved we aren’t going back to Volterra.”I said sinking down in a chair, and flipping on the tv.

“Then what is wrong?”


“Alessandra, it’s never nothing with you.”

“Petrus, I am fine.”

“She’s fine, alright.” Demetri said sarcastically. Finally coming in with Anna, and helping her out of her cloak. I wondered what the two had been doing, then decided with it being Demtri that perhaps, I didn’t want to know. I frowned.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Petrus asked.

“She’s not fine.” Demetri said with a roll of his eyes. “Alessandra, has never been fine since… Well never mind.” He grinned at me. I flicked a book at him with mind which he easily dodged. Damn he must have seen it coming.

“Well then, shall we decide were in Iraq we are going?” Anna asked. I smiled at her having pulled out the laptop sometime between them coming in and now.

“I already have a hotel booked.”

“With Aro’s money of course.” Petrus laughed.”

“And only the best suit in all of Iraq.” Demetri whistled.

“I like to spend Aro’s money.” I giggled. “And besides, why shouldn’t we have the best?” I asked.

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