Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Week of Crafts!

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Book: Bright Young Things~ Anna Godbersen
Music: Qntal

So for the longest time I have had this MaryJane's Farm Chillover mix. Which is sorda like a Gelatin mix I guess. 

Anyway, you basically mix a juice of your choice any kind, in with the chill over mix and you get a Jello like desert. For me, I used my Pomegranate, Blueberry Juice to the main recipe. And the result was wonderful. I think the Jello was done in less than two hours and had settled easily too. So I would highly recommend this product. I kinda wanna buy some more of it lol. 

I also made a pretty little sachet using Rose Potpourri for my penpal I write too who lives in France. I've written to her since I was 17 or so I think. Anyway, I got her name through a French class penpal exchange thingy.  I thought the sachet turned out pretty well. Plus it smelled pretty lol. 

And then Saturday I started a new needle case for my sewing needles. I finished it on Sunday because I had to work. I want to make a new little pin cushion too. I have it cut out but need to get some supplies to finish it. I found the needle book tutorial here. 


The picture turned out a bit dark lol. But anyway, its red as you can see with a blue heart and red felt pages. It was a fun little project. 

Then today I made few more things lol. See I told you I have been busy. I made a pretty little daisy bookmark. Of which I did not take a picture of because its for a secret person lol. On Mary Jane's Farms forum. And I also made a Chinese good luck knot using this video. 

And I also made a new pencil case for my markers and art stuff. Because I am running out of room for them lol. 

I also finally started watching Victorian Farm now that I finished Edwardian Farm lol. It's sooo good and you learn soo much. If you can find it, I highly recommend it. :) 

Just a little note to Glee. Oooh how I love this song. Course the original by Ke$ha is better. 

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