Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When a potion turns the wrong color (Lilac Hogwarts)

“Uh-oh!” Cee said looking over at the cauldron.

“Uh-oh?” Lilac asked peering over the cauldron too. She gasped.

“Oh no.” Cee said.

“What did do you wrong?!!!” Lilac asked her cousin. “It’s supposed to be--- Oh no, here comes Professor—Hide it!”

“Hide what?” Cee asked.

“Oh, it’s not very green is it girls?” Professor Weasley asked the two cousins as they both peered up at her. Lilac pinched Cecilia.

“It was her fault. “ Cecilia said pointing at Lilac.

“It was not!” Lilac said like a five year old caught in a lie.

“I don’t care whose fault it was. The potion should be green. Not blue. Figure out what you did wrong, and fix it.”

“Can’t you just tell us?’ Lilac asked.

“Then you wouldn’t learn anything.” The Professor walked over to the next cauldron. Lilac turned to Cecila and glared at her.

“ Thanks, for blaming me.” Lilac said.

“Well, it had to be someone and you were the closes person next to me.”

“Seriously, Cee.”

“Yep. Besides, I think I know where we went wrong. See these; they were supposed to be chopped into cubes not cut the long way.”

“Oh. How do you do that?”

“Didn’t you ever watch Mom, cook?”

“No, why would I? That’s her job.”

“Lilac, you will never become a house wife.”

“Of course not, I am a Witch. Not a house wife.”

“Witches are house wives too.”

“Phooey.” Cecila stuck her tongue out at her cousin.

“When you marry Nate, you’ll find out.”

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