Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1928~ Visions, dancing, radios (Alice)

Some strange new song was playing on the radio, and I danced about it to it. Doing some form of the Charleston and a waltz? I wasn’t sure for some reason I was incredibly hyper. Though, there was no reason for me to be so. I supposed it was having a friend in my tiny apartment way up on the top of the building. I could climb out the window and up onto the roof if I wanted too. And I could see for miles. I had wanted an apartment way up on top. Because I thought it would be easier to deal with the humans. If I was on top of the world, instead inside it.

“Alice, what are you doing?” Lily asked me as the smell of eggs, bacon and toast drifted up through my kitchen. I was making breakfast.

“Dancing! Want to join me?” I asked taking her hands and waltzing. She laughed.

“I have a terrible hangover and you want to dance?”

“Yep.” I nodded then turned back over to the stove and flipped the bacon. Oh I wished I could taste it. It smelled heavenly. I turned back to Lily.

“So how long have you been up?” She asked sitting down at the wooden table, I had in the middle of the room. She wrapped her kimono around her shoulders and blew on some hair that had fallen into her face.

“A while.” I shrugged.

“Do you ever sleep? I mean it feels like you’re always awake long before I am. And I know you don’t go to bed before me.” Lily constantly ended up crashing at my apartment. Living half with a human and half not was a challenge, but I made it work.

“I have all this energy  that I never know what to do with it. So most of the time, I cant sleep, and just get back up. Look at what I did!” I said pulling out my fashion scrap book. I had pulled out all the latest magazines; I had and clipped out the dresses and accessories I wanted to get.

“Girl, just look at those prices! How can you afford that… oooh Never mind. Those card games.”

“I can buy some for you too! I have way too much money already.” I said plopping eggs, toast and bacon onto Lily’s plate. She blinked and picked up her fork, once I had poured her some orange juice.

“ I don’t know why you keep this sad little apartment if you can afford to wear nice things.” My apartment wasn’t exactly in the best neighborhood. In fact, it was the very first one I had gotten when I first came to NYC and was sure I could handle being around humans. I shrugged.  I wasn’t sure why I stayed here. Perhaps because I was comfortable with it.

“I like it here?” I asked, slowly chewing on the bacon. Ugh. It tasted like sand. Suddenly, the world around me disappeared.  I saw Lily walking home from my house at night. She was trying to stay in within the street lamps and there was no one around her. Suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere, and sank his teeth into her neck. She tried to scream, but he tossed her into an alley just as a police officer walked by, and I saw her sinking down to the ground, withering in pain. She was bit, and going to turn into a vampire. I blinked. I knew the area where she was walking. I wondered if I could intervene with this. But I knew I couldn’t and shook my head sadly. If I did intervene she would know I was a vampire. I couldn’t break the law. But I could help her.

“What is it?” She asked, as if she knew I was thinking of her. “You got that distant look again. Did you see a vision?” For some reason the people I worked with at the Speakeasy didn’t think it was strange that I had visions. Probably because my visions saved their asses more than once. I nodded.

“It was nothing important.” I said, cleaning up my plate. But it was, and I felt terrible for my friend. 

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