Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's. Computer problems. Casino!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Holiday~ Hilary Duff
Mood: Hungry
Book: Alice in wonderland

Okay so the other day, on my day off mind you, I went to turn my puter on. Thinking, I was going to stay home all day and just goof off. Well, I turned the computer on, and OMG it said that I needed a Windows instaltion disk. The stupid thing wouldnt let me reinstate it or anything. So I took it to the Geek Squad thinking, they could just pop the stupid disk in for me and bingo everything would be okay. 

Well they wanted 260 dollars! You should have seen my mouth drop. I said um... no. Took it to staples. The guy said I needed the disk. Said well that sucks. Then my sister called and asked me if I could send her, some computer programs she left here. Turns out she had the disk! Yay! So, eventually I got my computer back up and running as you can see! It took me forever and I am still installing updates and programs. But it runs much smoother now. 

So anyway, on my first day off, my sister and I went to the casino, and on my first spin I won some money! I said wee! And we went shopping and to eat. Then I gave the rest to my dad. Oh and I finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the very first time! I loved it! I cant believe I never saw it before. 

So all in all I suppose I had an eventful week. lol. I havent really been making alot of crafts lately because I am still working on making my slueth bag. But rest assured. It shall be wonderful when I finish it. 

Oh and this coming week I want to make some cupckaes I found from MaryJane's Farm Magazine and some Irish Soda Bread maybe some Irish stew too. We'll see. lol. okay. I'm off. 

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