Friday, March 18, 2011

Low Profile (bree)

“I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE!” Riley all but shouted coming into the house we had used for the past few days on the outskirts of town. Every head in the room turned to stare at him while he tore apart a speaker system completely ruining it.

“We have to keep a low profile! Leaving high school students in the open after they’ve been killed is NOT keeping a low profile!” Riley looked at me. Me? I all but blinked. I didn’t cause this. In fact, I had little idea of what he was talking about. I sighed and sank behind Freaky Fred. Then looked over at Tish. Just as Riley did.

“Tish who was it?” He asked. She stared at him for a moment. I bet it was her. I bet anything it was her. Instead of claiming up to it, she pointed to the twins. Who glared at her.

“We didn’t do it!” One of them shouted. Riley looked like he was going to tear down the house.

“I don’t care who did it! Don’t do it AGAIN!” Tish suddenly got out of the way as Riley grabbed a vampire, I didn’t know his name and shook him. “We have to keep a low profile.” He said again.

“Kill the people who don’t matter the dregs and runaways. Then clean up your messes.”  I glanced over at Tish and Diego. Isn’t that what we’d been doing? Apparently not. I shook my head trying to hide behind Fred.

“Alright, now I am going to send you out in smaller groups this time. Make sure you control yourselves.” Once again, Riley looked at me.

“Bree, you go with Diego and the twins.” Why did he always send me out with the twins? I looked at Diego. Rolled my eyes. I would ditch them again.

“Okay .” I said. I started to trudge out the door but not before Riley caught my coat.

“How are you doing anyway Bree? How are you coping with all this?” I stared at him.

“I’m fine.” I said. He let me go, and I shrugged out of the room.

“You are not going to leave me with those two again are you?” Deigo said catching up to me as the twins all but ran outta the house. I smirked.

“Don’t like being alone with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?” I asked.

“Not one bit.”

“You can come with me if you want.” I said. “But we shouldn’t ditch them until we drink some people.”

“Sounds like a plan.” 

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