Thursday, March 3, 2011

No crafts yet? :(

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Music: Sibylla and Balin
Book: Flappers and Philosphers

Well, no new crafts to post yet. It's such a shame I know. I have been working on and off on two craft projects. I just havent finished them yet. And I did make Lemon bars. They didnt really turn out the way I wanted them too. When a recipe says to use a 9 by something inch pan. It means use a 9 by something inch pan and not a bigger one. lol. And I didnt get to put the sugar on them. See its a sad little Lemon Bar. Oh well, better luck next time 

Oh well, it gave me something to do anyway. 

Oh and I got my income taxes finally. Yay. Money for my move. But I wont say how much. Anyway, I'm working on my Nancy Drew Sleuth Bag. And I bought a few of the original Nancy Drew books on ebay and Amazon for dirt cheap. Inclduing the cookbook. I cant wait to get them. 

I also watched the Secret of Roan Inish finally. I've been wanting to see it since I was little and I'm glad I finally watched it. The movie was so good. And I found the new Upstairs Downstairs on Youtube and watched that last night. Well the first episode. It was pretty good. I was slightly confused. Because I've only seen one or two episodes of Upstairs Downstairs. I guess thats something I should rent from Netflix. 

Well, I better get going. Got lots to do before work today. Like finish bag maybe? But probably not.  Link to Upstairs Downstairs episode one. 

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