Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pretending to sleep (alice post)

Most of the time our house remained very quiet and dark at night. We pretended to be in our rooms asleep just in case a human should pass by. Of course we were never asleep nor in our rooms. Most of the time we were quietly watching a movie, doing homework or other different things in different areas of the house. However, we had actually had three little humans in the house this time. And one of them had no idea that we were vampires. Of course, she knew we looked differently but that was beside the point. 

So, we all decided this time, we would pretend to sleep. Or at least quietly be in our rooms. Luckily we had all kept our Pjs from our human experiences. And so each of us were probably on our beds doing who knew what. Especially when it came to Rose and Em. 

Jazz sat in his pjs on the bed reading some book on Philosophy, while I sat going through baby magazines. I was still spoiling my new niece to pieces. While keeping my visions mostly on little Elizabeth in case she should need one of us at any given moment. At the very moment, I also had a dinner menu on my laptop I was planning. In fact, I was also planning the whole day’s meals. When you didn’t eat, and someone else did, this was a major thing to do.

“So what’s on the menu?” Jazz asked peeping up at me from his book. 

“Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup. I found the recipe while browsing breakfast ideas. I thought we could squeeze some fresh Orange Juice too.” 

“Too bad we wont be able to taste it. Sounds good.” Jazz said with a tiny sigh. “I do miss food.” 

“I suppose, we all do. But really, not having to eat is a blessing. We just have to worry about the you know.” I said with a wave of my hand. Then looked down at the magazine I had next to me as I turned the page. There was the cutest little dress with a white top, blue ruffled bottom and lace and sequins. I giggled. 

“Alice…” Jazz started. Then laughed. “Maybe you should have been the one having a baby.” I laughed at the idea of me having a baby. 

“No, no, no. Probably not a good idea. But hey I can spoil my little niece. And I fully intend too.” I giggled. 

“ Have you wondered what will happen when she grows up?” Jasper asked. 

“She’s been imprinted on Jazz, so she wont grow up too much. Besides, she’ll love us.” I smiled sweetly. “Especially me.” 

“I don’t know how anyone cant love you.” Jasper said giving me a slight kiss. 

I turned the page in my magazine and there was a darling little shirt that said Alice who? With a white rabbit, little white gloves, a blue skirt and a blue and white ribbon headband. Oooh I was so getting that for little Elizabeth. I could hear Edward groan. I giggle.

Alice… Come on, she already has a closet filled with toys and clothes and baby bottles. And blankets. He moaned. 

And shall now have one more outfit. No little baby in Forks will be able to match Elizabeth. I said clipping out the outfit of the magazine. 

Because no one in Forks can afford to give their baby a whole closet full of clothes. Edward stated.

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