Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tick Tock Annoying (Bree Twilight)

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock, coo--- coo. Tick… Tock. God, help , me please shut that stupid coco bird clock up! I pleaded with God. Not that I had ever had much time for God or anything. Still, I liked to think I could plead with him when I needed something .Like right now. I desperately wanted that stupid clock to shut up. I didn’t know why Tish had to keep it. She glared at me, as I glared at her.

Tick, tock…. Okay the stupid thing was broken. Just throw it out Tish. I thought. Glaring at the red headed vampire. She started to stand up. But then sank back down. Tick- tock. I rolled my eyes, and put my earplugs in, turning up my music.

God what I wouldn’t do for a bit of weed right now. I had only smoked the shit a few times. But each time had gotten me high enough to forget about everything else. And I certainly wanted to forgot about my sad little vampiric life at that moment. The tick tocking sound, Tish’s constant glares. Freak Fred’s smelly self. I sighed. Where was the relief? I wondered.

Finally, getting tired, I decided to crawl out of my hiding spot behind Fred, and grabbed my coat. We weren’t really supposed to go out unless we were told to go. But I didn’t care. It wasn’t like they owned me. Besides, I just had too----

“Woe there.” Fred said grabbing hold of my hood and turning me around. He put me right back into my hiding spot.

“But, I’m so thirsty, Fred.” I pleaded. He shrugged. I was going not only inside with thirst but insane with being cooped up inside this house with a bunch of wicked crazy vampires who were mostly a bunch of stupid kids like me. Stupid for having run away.

“Don’t want to get that arm torn off again do you?” He asked. Fred barley talked. But when he did, he was a damn annoying person. Always stating facts. I shuddered and looked down at the spot where my arm had been torn. “I didn’t think so. You’ll get to go out soon.”As if on cue, Riley came in.

“ Okay Bree?” He asked, like he cared if I was okay or not. I shrugged.

“I’m thirsty.” I said.

“So is everyone else.” Tish replied before Riley could. He glared at her. Good. Someone else needed to glare at Tish.

“What, it’s true. We’re all thirsty.”

“We’re always thirsty.” Riley stated. “Okay, Bree, you and Tish, and the stupid twins over there and Diego can take you guys out.” I sighed. Great. Going out with Tish and the twins didn’t sound like much fun. Those twins hardly spoke English. They mostly chattered in Russian. But Riley liked them because they were bulky looking. Then again, anything was better than sitting here listening to Tish’s stupid ticking coocoo clock. Fred cast me a glance. Then, flashed me a smile. That said behave. I shrugged.

Wanting me to behave was like asking for the world to stop spinning. Besides, I had every intention of losing the bastards, the minute I could. I’d let them do the killing, drink enough to get my fill then ditch them and steal some more books and cds. Maybe a laptop or something to keep me busy and some new clothes. Since becoming a vampire, I had become a pretty bad ass thief. Most of us had.

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