Saturday, April 2, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Location: Bedroom (Still in Michigan)
Music: A place in this world~ Taylor Swift
Mood: Hungry
Book: Tamora Pierce's Tortall and other lands

Well, as you can see, I havent been posting in my little blog. I really promise to try and post once a day before I move. And then maybe put up pictures when I am moving. We'll see about that though. 

In truth, I've been very busy. The week before last, I spent my day off with a friend and we saw Red Riding Hood. Which by the way, was pretty brilliant. We both liked it. And then, my car was in the shop for two days and somehow I managed to stay busy at home. Last weekend, my sister came down and she kept me entertained. We made a bunch of things on Monday. 

I found some Marie Callender, Vermont Mac and Cheese and then we made Twisted Breadsticks using MaryJaneFarms Budget mix, and we made some Chill over stuff too. The chill over stuff was a bit sweet for us. But we loved the breadsticks and the mad and cheese. As you can see, it was a yummy lunch. Here is the recipe for the breadsticks. The budget mix is like flour. So you can probably use flour instead of the Budget Mix. But I highly recommend going to the website and buying the budget mix.

And then I found a cute little keychain from Moonsoon Accessories here.  and, decided to make my own. It turned out so pretty. 

Oh and the week before last, I made myself some breakfast using a recipe i found in a Blue Blood Book by Melissa De La Cruz that called for peppermint in eggs. It was actually pretty yummy and I also made some Biscuits using a Mary Jane Farms Recipe.  

Other than that, I've just been packing, and seeing my friends. Working and trying to keep my head on straight. I promise to try and keep posting though. 

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