Thursday, April 28, 2011

Destination, Alaska!

Location: Bedroom in Michigan ( I wont have a bedroom soon until we get a new house :( )
Mood: Waking up
Music: The Countess Comes to Dinner (Victorian Dining) 
Book: Sorcery and Cecilia 
Movie: 1970's version of the Secret Garden

As everyone can see, I have not posted much all month! I've been so busy getting things ready for the move and now it's almost here! Not to mention all my antique books, books in general and most of my old fashion information and craft books and cook books are packed away. :(

But anyway, destination, Alaska here I come! We're leaving Saturday morning and I am sooo excited. I only keep praying everything goes nice and smooth on this 4,000 mile trip. No break downs, no bad things happening. Clear skies, and smooth sailing the way there. 

I can't believe in two days I am actually doing this! It's so much to take in. The only problem is that I am going to miss all my friends and family. But I know I will make new ones. 

Anyway, I've been doing some small devotions as well. Trying to help prepare myself for this trip. I am finding that reading the Bible can be enjoyable when you want to do it. But it takes a certain person to want to read the Bible. 

I also found some old Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman episodes I saved onto my computer for later use and got the entire series of Road to Avonlea in case I am without the internet for a bit when i get there. But I think I'll probably be pretty busy when I do get to Alaska. So much to explore. 

Well, I will try and keep everyone posted. And hopefully more crafts, and old fashion writings are coming soon. 

Oh and here is a really cool little video I found yesterday, that I have to share! 

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