Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wild Flowers (Alice Twilight Post)

“What ya doin?” Jazz asked, slipping up behind me and kissing me lightly on my forehead, he was holding something behind his back. I knew they were wild flowers. But I pretended not to.

“Keeping an eye on Edward to make sure he doesn’t do anything too stupid, going through these baby magazines… I gotta make sure that Elizabeth is kept up to date with the latest baby fashions. Going through my playlist and maps of Seattle. I’m trying to figure out where the vampires could be. And so far the only things I have come up with is that they must be hidden.”

“Well, isn’t that obvious?” Jazz said his southern brawl coming out now that he didn’t have to hide it in school. I nodded; it was very obvious that these new borns were hidden. But I was certain I could figure out where.

“I just need a sign, or a clue. Maybe I… We could go back to Seattle.” I said looking up at Jasper. He still held the flowers behind his back and I wondered when he would produce them.

“That could be a good idea. Scope out the area, and try and track them?”

“Yes, exactly!” I replied still scoring through the magazines. By now I had turned off my playlist. “So here is where the slums are. I believe this is where they would be. If they are in Seattle.” I added the last bit, because they could easily have a home base outside of Seattle and just be claiming the area.

“And you believe Bella is with these Newborns?” Jazz asked sitting back on his heels now. I nodded. “It is a high possibly that she was kidnapped by them. She’s so prone to accidents. I just wonder how long she will last if she is with them.”

“That is why we have to find her and soon. Especially before Edward does something stupid again.” I added. “What would we tell Elizabeth when she got older if he did?”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions. You obviously don’t see him doing anything too drastic in the future right?”

“Jazz, he knows I am keeping an eye on him. So he probably wont do anything drastic just yet. Are you going to give me those flowers?” I asked. Jazz blinked at this, and then produced the flowers. It was pretty obvious that he had forgotten them. He laughed.

“You knew they were there all along didn’t you?” He asked kissing my forehead again. I nodded.

“Sure did! They’re so beautiful! I said smelling them.

“I knew you would like them.” He said returning my smile. “Shall we put them in a vase on the counter top?” He asked. I nodded.

I stood up and with Jasper, skipped lightly down the stairs, then jumped up to the countertop, and lifted the small vase out of the cupboard were I found it. I filled it with water, and gently put the flowers in it. Then, sat it on the table. Just as I sat the flowers on the table, I heard a car pulling up.

“Carlisle and Esme?” Jasper asked. I nodded.

Jasper was at the door before Carlisle could open it, and held it wide open for him and for Esme to come in. Once they were in, he took Esme’s coat. Quite the gentleman he was being. Then smiled at Carlisle.

“Did you enjoy church?” He asked.

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