Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Amazons (Alessandra Post)

“Aren’t you going?” Demetri asked cocking his head to one side, looking at his fingers as if he was waiting for his moment to sprint after the two stupid vampires. I glared at Demetri. Of course I wasn’t going. I had not feast on a human since I was living in Forks, and had no desire to do so now. Sensing, what I was about to say, he shrugged. Then, before I could say or do anything he sprinted after Petrus and Anna. 

Sighing, I turned to go into the temple, when I heard some rather strange noises coming from the area where my friends were. I sighed again. It sounded quite like they were in trouble. I heard shouting. Someone calling my name. Petrus maybe? All I wanted was peace and quiet. That was why I had chosen this location in the first place. It was supposed to be completely empty. Couldn’t my friends go hunting without getting into trouble? We were Volturi after all. 

Leaving my luggage, I decided to go after them, and sure enough they were surrounded by three vampires. It seemed that the others had walked into some sort of trap. And as I got closer, the trapped looked much like a building. Which meant that my friends thought they were in a building. When they were really inside a jungle. I mean really, why would an empty modern building be in the middle of the jungle? And how did these vampires who were clearly as inhuman as it came, knew what a modern building looked like. 

I stood a bit away from Anna, Petrus and Demetri watching the vampires circle them. They were about to lurch at my friends, when I through the biggest rock, I could see into their way with my mind. The three women, turned to face me. 

“Thank God for Alessandra!” Petrus said happily. 

“Yes, we must thank the Gods for dear Alessandra.” Demetri said. “I had it under control!” He shouted back at me. Umph if he had it under control why did it look like they were about to be torn from limb to limb? I ignored him, and turned to the three vampires. 

“I wouldn’t hurt them if I were you.” I said in a very stern, steady, cold voice. The tallest one, whom seemed to be the leader narrowed her eyes at me. 

“And why shouldn’t we hurt them? You are in our terriority. We should kill the lot of you.” 

“We are Volturi, and if you kill us, I can assure you, Aro, will have you killed. It wouldn’t be a pleasant death either.” 

“Spare me your Volturiness.” Spat the Amazon woman. I sighed. I had one more thing I could throw at her. It did occur to me that the only way these strange women knew English was if they knew someone who had spoken English. The only way that could be possible is if someone, or some vampire meant them. I wondered if the Cullens had traveled into this neighborhood. It would be a good alibi. 

“I know Carlisle!”I said, looking up at the sky. Please Vesta let that be a good alibi. As if answering my prayer, the tall one blinked. Unusual for a vampire, but she did. 

“Carlisle Cullen?” She asked. I nodded. “Oh we like him! Let them go.”She said towards her two sisters.

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