Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avoiding the Topic (Lilac, Hogwarts)

“Aren’t you just a little bit worried?”


“Everything going on?”

“Sure, but it’s not enough to ruin my day.”


“Okay, fine, I am worried. And a bit scared. I mean when was the last time something like this happened at Hogwarts of all places?”

“Beats me.”

“That’s why I am scared. But I am trying not to be.”


“I’m going to class.”


“Okay, okay. I’m worried and scared. That’s what you want me to say?”

“Yes. Because, everyone is.”
“Cee, you are going to make us late for class with this conversation.”  Lilac finally said growing extremely annoyed with her cousin. She didn’t understand what had happened anymore than anyone else. And just like the other times she had been afraid, she didn’t want to deal with it, or talk about it. She had homework to do, classes to attend, Nat to visit, and a pig to feed. She could keep herself busy enough not to think about it.

“I know what you are doing.” Cee said.

“Yes, I am sure you do. Can we please just go to class?”

“Nope, not until you tell me first what you are doing.”

“I’m avoiding the topic.”

“Good, least you can admit it.”

“Can we go to class now?”

“Fine.” Cee finally said. “We shouldn’t probably be late anyway.” She added as an afterthought. 

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