Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friendly Talk (Alessandra Post)

“So, what may I ask, are the lot of you doing in our forest?” Kachiri asked after letting my friends go. 

“Our dear Alessandra here, decided she wanted a warm climate in the middle of nowhere, so Aro wouldn’t request our presence back home.” Demetri sneered at me more than the Three Amazons. I glared right back at him. 

“So you chose the Amazon rain forest?” 

“Yes. I thought it was uninhabited by vampires.” I explained. Naturally, I had heard rumors of the Amazon women, but I thought that was all they were. Just rumors. 

“But, we have been here for generations.” Zafrina said

“Not everyone knows about us.” Senna said. 

“I am surprised, Master Aro never brought…” Anna began, however she received an ice, cold glare from Petrus and instantly shut up. She had caused us a great deal of trouble as it was. 

“Master Aro…” Kachiri spat. 

“You do not like our Master?” Anna suddenly asked. I sighed. 

“Despite what you may think of Master Aro, not everyone likes him.” I said. I had thought I had been very clear, that I myself didn’t like Aro. I could never forgive him for what he did to my family and I was surprised Anna was so easily able to forgive Aro as well. Though her situation had been different from mine. 

“Ah, so we see eye to eye then?” Senna asked. 

“We do.”I said. “At least, I do.” I added. 

“Alessandra, could we please skip the small talk, some of us are very thirsty.” Demetri finally said growing impatient with me. I sighed. 

“My friends are thirsty, is there a place where they can hunt nearby?” I asked. 

“You are not thir--- Ah, you have the same yellow eyes as Carlisle and his family did. Are you perhaps part of his coven?” Kachiri asked. I laughed.

“Hardly, Carlisle and I are nothing more than friends besides; his wife does not like me much. She sees me as a threat.” I explained, this made the women laugh. 

“Ah, we can see why. There is a place for your friends. We can show them. Will you come, or do you prefer a lion?”

“Um.. I may keep you company. But I would prefer a lion to a human.” I said.

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