Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Journey ends to Alaska

Location: Bedroom in Wasilla Alaska
Music: The sound of an airplane? 
Book: Ivanhoe
Move: None yet
Mood: Adventurous 

Well, as you can see I made it to Alaska! This is the first time I have had a chance to write in my blog since I got here. And I really dont have much time. 

We got here to Wasilla on the 8th which was Mothers day and were invited to dinner which the lady who ran the campground we were staying in, threw for everyone. It was fun! I had a chance to meet some people. And I tried moose for the first time! Yes I Joanna tried Moose! It really wasnt that bad. I actually liked it. It has a wild flavor to it that makes it tasty. I also had some salmon which was yummy. 

After that things kinda started to move rather quickly. It didnt take us long to get an apartment and settled in. We have Alaska license plates now and insurance. I need to go get my drivers license today.  Oh and while it is just Mcdonalds, I have a job already! And my dad is going to get his GED. 

It's so pretty here! The mountians are on either side of us and the ocean is on one side. Well it's a bay. But still the ocean. 

I have another interview for a car rental place today. They need an office desk person. So I better get going!

I promise to try and write more later on. 

PS. Please be ready for more Joanna posts! Full of crafts, adventures and stories and knick nacks. 

PSS. This post is a little late as I wrote it the other day. But I wanted to post it anyway. As a result, I did get the job at the car rental place. They just have to tell me when I can start working. The picture is from Three Bears Campground, but those mountains are all around Wasilla. And it's sooo pretty. 

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