Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ruins of something (Alessandra post)

“Alessandra, for God sake, why did you choose this place?” Anna asked squatting at a rather large, and strange looking bug that had flown into her face for a tenth time. I grinned and smirked over at Petrus whom seemed to find the whole situation as funny as I did. 

“We never ask Dear Alessandra why she does something.” Demetri sneered. “It only provokes her.” He pushed a branch out of his way with the intent of having it smack me. However, I held it in thin air with my mind. “See what I mean?” He asked as Anna had turned to look back at us right at that moment. 

“I am sure that if you had tried to slap me across the face with a branch, and I had a power as Alessandra does, I would have done the same thing.” Anna pointed out in my favor. I smirked. 

“Wow, Anna is actually on my side?” I asked turning to Petrus, whose handsome features had not altered a bit since we had left Forks. Nor would they. 

“Do not get me involved in this.” He said. As of late, he had stayed out of every single fight I had gotten into with these two companions of mine. Demetri rolled his eyes.

“Your gallant boyfriend should be standing up for you, Miss Vestia.” He said. I was fairly certain that Demtri was still very sore that I shunned him away, when we both knew that once upon a time we had more than one affair together. 

“Alessandra.” I said. “My name is Alessandra.” 

“It is Vestia and always will be to me.” Demetri smirked. I sighed. Vestia was all but dead inside of me. She was no more. So why Aro and Demetri and the others had to bring her name up was beyond me. 

Suddenly, just as I thought it would be, there was an abandon temple in the middle of the rainforest and I knew exactly where we were. I had been here once before. A long time ago. When it wasn’t exactly empty. Of course, I didn’t tell the others this. 

“This is it?” Anna asked sounding a little disappointed. Perhaps she had lost her sense of archeology in Iraq and Egypt. 

“Just think of the treasures we’ll unfold here.” I said taking off my hat. Not that I needed the hat of course. It was for appearances. 

“Like we did the last two times. Why couldn’t we stay in a nice hotel?” Demetri asked. 

“Because this is far enough away from humans that we shouldn’t have a problem. And besides, it’ll be an adventure. We could find Inca mummies.” I smirked at Anna.

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