Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why we were made? (Bree)

I stood slightly away from the others once again, off in my own little corner. Trying to read. Which was nearly all but impossible, with all the racket the kids were making. Stupid people as vampires made things even stupider. I was so lost in thoughts and the base shacking the floor, that I didn’t notice Deigo drop a bag in front of me. 

“That book looks worn.” He teased lightly, as I opened the bag. There was about a dozen or so new books for me to read and cds to listen too. I grinned up at him. Deigo had been stealing again. There was also a new jacket in there with the tags still intact. 

“Thanks!” I said snapping the tags off the jacket and putting it on. It was a leather one. A lot like Joan Jett’s original one. I looked at the price and gapped. I never would have been able to afford that as a human. But now, I steal what I want. The jacket fit me to a snug. 

“ I bet you had the boys rolling in after you as a human.” Deigo said staring at me as he sat down Indian style next to me. 

I laughed and shook my heard. “I had a few friends, but hardly anyone I would count as my best friend. Boys didn’t really notice me. I hid pretty well. Learned how to do that from my dad.” I said in a hollow voice. Then shrugged. That life was far behind me. It had been the day I ran away. It was even farther now that I was a vampire. If I wanted too, I could kill my dad right now. 

“Your own man that bad huh?” 


“Worst than Riley?” Freaky Fred asked from in front of the couch I was sitting behind. He had taken to talking to me as of late. I nodded. 

“God, I didn’t know anyone could be worse than that.” He committed. 

“My Dad could beat out the worst vampire.” I said still lost in my book. 

“Um. Hey Bree?” Diego asked suddenly, looking at me as if he really wanted to talk. So I put my book down and gave him my full attention. 

“Yes?” I asked. 

“ Ever wonder why we were created?” 

“Uh?” I asked. I never really thought about it. Riley said it had something to do with those Yellow Eyed Vampires and territory. He always said he needed numbers. But I never really thought about it. “Now that you mention it, I have no idea.” 

“Well think about it.” Fred said again turning back around as he had heard our conversation. “Riley has what? Twenty or more thugs running around Seattle? Who keep killing and killing. People are starting to notice because these thugs don’t keep low. And none of us have seen her So why are we here anyway?” He asked the same question that Riley had asked. 

I shook my head again. “I don’t know. Do you think we should find out?” 

“Totally!” Deigo said. “We should follow Riley sometime when he visits her 

“Okay. Let me know when!” I said.

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