Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blythe Doll

Location: New Bedroom in Alaska
Mood: Creative :)
Music: Faeries a Realm of Magic~ Troika
Book: Ivanohoe (I'm really not getting into it as I had hoped though) 
Movies: Just finished first season of Road to Avonlea 

Okay, so a while back, I found out about a cute little set of dolls called Blythe Dolls. Now the problem with Blythe Dolls is that they are extremely expensive, and I could probably never afford an actual one. But I've been wanting one for a while. People buy the dolls, and then give them make overs. 

I believe I ran across this adorable little blog sometime right before I bought my first Blythe Doll.
In the blog that Violet wrote, she said you could find little Blythe dolls in the Littlest Pet Shop section in the toy department. So... I had to check it out. 

Sure enough, I found them! They're so cute. But the clothing was a bit dull, make up was dull. So I took Violet's tutorial, and decided to make one myself. Here is the result. She's so adorable now. :) 

I had made the cute little octopus from another tutorial I found a while back and thought, okay it fits the doll. I am very proud of myself. The hat, I also made from a tutorial. and the gloves and dress, are my own making. You cant see but she also has little white leggings that match her hat. All in all, she turned out pretty well. 

So that's what I have been doing with my time in Alaska lol. making crafts and baking. I need to start working soon so I dont go insane lol. 


Violet LeBeaux said...

So cute! I love what you've done with her :D

Blythe said...

Seriously nice work. I love your posted Blythe doll and just take a decision to collect this cute one from at PIJ. Hope this will get in a week.