Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Close, but not that close (Alice Post)

Edward sat on the sofa in the family room, staring at the piece of Bella’s jacket we had found in the alley in Seattle. He was now; very convinced she was alive at least. He also seemed to also believe she was a vampire now, as I had said several times. It was the only way she could still be alive. Bella alone in Seattle wouldn’t last a fortnight. She had proven that more than once. 

“I just don’t understand why they would want her?” Edward said clutching the piece of cloth in his hands. 

“I don’t know. Perhaps it’s her smell.” I said my hands folded gently in my lap. Edward shook his head.

“She’s one of the newborn army now. If anything happens to her…”

“Edward, it won’t. I know she is going to be back with us.” 

“Alice, your visions change sometimes.”Edward insisted as he had before. “I just cannot see my wife lasting very long as a vampire alone in Seattle.”

“She’s not alone Edward. She is with others and Bella might easily be changed.”I said. “We were.” 
“What do you mean by changed?” 

“You know, able to handle situations better? Not be so clumsily all the time…. Better coronation skills. We have to think positively for Elizabeth’s sake.” I said finally lifting the little baby up in my arms. Elizabeth coed when I pulled her blanket away from her face. 

“ She will have to have those skills, in order to survive a newborn army.” Jasper finally spoke from his spot next to me.”

“Jazz, please don’t excite Edward anymore than he already is.” I said. 

“Look, Edward, we’ll find Bella. Alice and I will score Seattle again tomorrow.” 

“Alice can’t see where Bella is though. Something is blocking her vision. It’d have to be undecided moment, like today.” 

“Then we should be in Seattle in case she is in that spot where we are.” 

“We can’t be expected to be every place that Bella is, Edward.” I said looking at my brother. “But we will find her. I promise.” 



“Children…” Jasper said shaking his head.

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