Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting reacquainted (Alessandra Post)

“I cannot…”I started to say as Aro made a hasty retreat out of my chambers. I simply stared at my retreating what was it he was called? Oh, perhaps it was Master to everyone else; to me he was an ass, the biggest ass in the world. As soon as the door shut behind him, and both, Alec and Aro were safely locked out of my chamber, I through the sofa, and the chair at it with my mind, a rush of wind, causing both rather expensive items, to crash up against the door. “Bloody, freakin’ ass. If he thinks this is going too…”

“Vestia.” My brother said in a very calm manner that threw me off for a loop. He never did have the temper I had always possessed. I stood very still for a few seconds, counting to ten, trying to cool my boiling temper.

“Alessandra.” I said looking at my small slender hands.

“You changed your name as well?” He asked, not sounding at all surprised. I nodded.

“Vestia, held too many painful memories. I thought if I changed my name… I could…”

“Erase the past. I know. I changed my name to Alexander. Funny, how even though we were apart we changed our names to similar names.” He said with a crocked smile.

“Well, we’ve always thought alike.” I couldn’t help but smile. The very idea that my brother was standing in front of me, alive, talking to me, not a memory was somewhat shocking still. I was still having a very hard time dealing with this. And I knew he must have been as well. As children, we had been inseparable. Even, when I became a Priestess of Vesta and Vestus went on to learn from my mother’s father how to deal with politics. We still found ways to be with one another.

“I do not understand why Master Aro…” Vestus or rather Alexander started to say but I cut him off. Master. Umph. I thought.

“Master?”I asked. “Master… Aro is anything but my Master. If he thinks this is going to…”

“Never the less, Vest… Alessandra, he is your Master, and I do not understand why he kept this from us.”

“Aro, I am sure has his reasons.” I said. “Just like he had his reasons for murdering our family.” I added my voice becoming very dark.

“Maybe, I should go, and let you two catch up?” Petrus said suddenly touching my shoulder again. I had nearly forgotten him.

“No stay.” I said.

“Alessandra, I don’t want to interrupt your time with your brother.”

“Piran?” Vestus asked Petrus, making both of us blink. “Is that Piran, Vestia… Alessandra?”

“No.” I said softly touching Petrus’ hand. “ Though, he may be Piran reincarnated.” I added.

“Reincarnated?” Vestus asked.

“Yes, he has the memories… Vestus… Alexander… That may take some getting used to. I’d like you to meet my… My Mate. This is Petrus. Petrus, this as you can see, is my twin brother. Vestus. Or…”

“Alexander.” Petrus finished. “It’s very nice to meet you.” Petrus held out his hand which Vestus took.

“Petrus uh? You look exactly like Piran.”

“So Alessandra tells me.”

“Um. I suppose he could be Piran.”

“He is.” I insisted, letting Petrus wrap his arms around me, making me feel very safe. The same way my brother used too when we were little.

“What about you, do you have a mate?” Petrus asked Alexander.

“No, I have not been fortunate enough to meet the right person. Though, Chelsea and I have our affairs every now and then…”

“Chelsea knew about you… And didn’t…”

“Alessandra, you’re not exactly the type of person that people just waltz up too and have conversations with here in Volterra.” Petrus cut in. “Honestly, when did you last talk to Chelsea?” I sighed. He had a point.

“Well, she still could have…”

“She may have wanted too. But you know how Aro is.” Alexander now cut in. Or was it Alex? I sighed.

“Wait a minute; I just realized something, your eyes… They’re not burgundy… They’re…”

“Golden brown?” I asked. My brother nodded his head and smirked. “I’m what is it called, a vegetarian Now.”

“A what?”

“She doesn’t kill humans. She kills animals.” Petrus explained.

“Seriously?” I nodded. Alexander shook his head.

“I’ve heard of this, but I have never meant anyone who has actually become a vegetarian. How did you learn…”

“It is a long story.” I said. “I didn’t want to be a monster. I didn’t want to be like Aro. I never wanted to be like this. And I thought if I could become a vegetarian… stop killing humans. I never liked killing them to begin with. Then perhaps, I wouldn’t one day succumb to becoming like Aro.” I explained.

“I see.” Alexander said softly. “I truly do understand Vestia… I mean Alessandra.” He laughed. “One day I am sure I will not call you Vestia.”

“It’s alright. Alexander.” I grinned.

“Alex.” He said smiling. “I just cannot believe you are here and real. So many times I wished for this.”

“I know I did too.” I whispered.

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