Thursday, June 2, 2011

Her house (Bree Twilight Post)

“Sh! He’ll hear you! Freaky Fred! What are you doing here?” I asked pulling Fred down behind a chimney. Fred shrugged, acting as if his presence wouldn’t alert anyone. And, I thought Fred was a smart one. 

“Making sure you two don’t get into any trouble.” He said. 

“Me?” Diego asked, pointing to his Kiss Rock Band shirt. 

“Yes, you.” Fred said pointing back, then pointing to me. “And her.”

“Oh please, I’m Riley’s right hand man.”

“Yeah, that is why I am here.” Fred stated. 

“Shut up you guys, before he hears you.” I snapped. Feeling as if I was on the edge. I certainly didn’t want to get my arm ripped off, or something else for that matter. And if Riley heard us, there would be no way around the fact that we were following him. But somehow, we had to get answers. We had found out the other day that we could go out in the sunlight and not get burned by the sun. So why all the secrets, and what else was hiding? Even Fred knew our secret about the sunlight. He had followed us then too. 

The two, idiots behind me, finally stopped fighting. Riley, stopped, watching for whatever it was he watching for on the top of the roof, like a cat. And jumped to the next roof top. We followed him through a series of rooftops, until we came to a set of woods, behind the cities. Then, like monkeys in a jungle we followed him through the trees. 

Soon, we came upon a quaint little cottage, I would have thought was cute, if I was a human. Only, now, I wondered what that cottage had to do with Riley. I looked over to Diego and Fred. 

Fred shrugged. Diego, glared at the cottage. There was something in his eyes, which said danger. I turned back to face the cottage. 

Riley, smoothed out his clothing and attempted to comb his hair with his fingers, then just as he knocked on the door, a childish, girly voice said “How many times do I have to tell you that the door is open?” 

I blinked. The voice was neither kind, nor evil, or cruel. Neither pleasant either. Was she seducing him? I wondered. Fred, shrugged again. While, a woman with fiery, thick, red hair appeared in the doorway. 

“Did anyone follow you?” She asked? I blinked when I got a good look at her, and I could remember being thrown into a woman. My arm broken and screaming. I turned to Deigo and Fred, knowing they were remembering something similar. 

“No, I made sure of it.” Riley said.

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