Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interventions (Alessandra)

I sat, way up on the very top of a rather, large and bulky, ancient book case made out of the finest wood in all of Europe. The book case itself, looked like something that came out of a museum or rather an antique store that no one wanted anymore. However, I found it was sturdy enough to hold me. Not that I weighed much… Aro had seen to that before I was turned. I still blamed him for everything. Right down to my weight. 

I was in the back of the Volturi library which was long and narrow, and not very well lighted. Though, sometime in the last century, Aro had finally relented and allowed electric lights to place into the library. Not that vampire needed lighting to read a book, or even see. Our vision was perfect, night or day. 

The book, or rather set of scrolls I held, was actually from my own library. I had thought I had given Carlisle all my scrolls I had stolen… Well, borrowed from the Temple of Vesta’s library before it burnt down to the grown. However, I had forgotten about a set I had placed in the library centuries before Dr. Carlisle Cullen was even born. 

The scrolls were interesting enough. I had read them before. Though, as I had said, it was centuries ago. So I was rather enjoying them. Despite the very painful memories of home they brought back to me. However, the scrolls were not the reason why I was in the library. The gods knew I never visited the library. I had my own library in my very own chambers at the very far end of the Volturi Castle. As far away from it as I could get without being outside of the castle itself. 

No, the real reason why I was in the library was because I knew it would bother our little Liberian, whom was the only reason why I was back in Volterra at all. I was perfectly happy and content to travel the world looking for the origins or our race if it had lasted for a million. But no, Anna and Demerti had insisted upon returning home after nearly getting killed by the Amazons. Which wasn’t my fault no matter what they said. 

It must have been hours since I had found my perch before Anna even gave the slightest notion of realizing I was in the same room as she was. Her type writer had been working furiously for hours, and I was surprised she hadn’t noticed me before. 

I had grown tired of sitting up in the same position since I had found my perch on the top of the bookshelf and so had decided to lay on my stomach, when Anna, suddenly stopped typing, and glared up at me. 

“What on earth are doing up there Alessandra?” She demanded in a very annoyed toned, which pleased me greatly. I grinned slyly at her.

“Just reading. Isn’t that what these types of rooms are for?” I asked. 

“Libraries? Well, ye... yes, I suppose they are for that. I thought you had your own library.” 

“Oh I do, but yours is so much…” So much more what? I wondered looking around. Duller? More boring? My library had books that Aro’s certainly didn’t, and it was not so gloomy. So what was Anna’s library compared to mine? “So much more interesting than mine.” I said, rolling my eyes.” 

“Umph.” She said her eyes narrowing. I laughed.

“Just think, if you hadn’t insisted on our returning to Volterra, than I would not be bothering you while you were typing on what is that called? Oh, is that a type writer. Gods, I haven’t seen one of those in oh… a very long time.” 

“Oh for goodness sakes, Alessandra, give it a rest!” She muttered. I shrugged. “Not all of us hate Volterra asyou do.” Now, it was my turn to glare at her. 

“Aren’t you just a little sorry, that Aro put you through what he did?” I asked her. 

“No.” She answered. “I would have gone to Egypt with or without Master Aro’s intervention.” I rolled my eyes. 

“And you think, I would be here with, or without his what, was it you called it? Intervention?” I asked. “Has Master Aro even been to see you since we got back to Volterra?”

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