Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Returning home (Vestus or Alexander post posted under Alessandra)

Landing in a crouching position in front of the Volturi castle, in the middle of the night, I made certain no one had followed me. Of course they had not. My attire, kept me completely hidden from prying human eyes. Really all I had to do, if a human happened upon me was show them my burgundy eyes, and snarl at them. That normally did the trick. 

Italy. I thought with a sadden sigh, running my finger along the door to the cellar inside a certain church. How many years had it been since I was last in this very same cellar? A hundred? Two hundred maybe? However many years, it had been far too long, and Master Aro was getting anxious to know if I was still alive or not. I had of course received a dozen or so messages of late on my cell phone from Master Aro requesting my presence back in Volterra. If not, just to check up on me. I of course, declined to respond to any of his messages. 

Modern conveniences still bothered me, and I rarely used my rather simple, yet complex cellular phone. The idea of going home, to Italy, never sat well with me, and I preferred to stay on the run. Searching for new recruits for my Master. If I was on the run, than I wouldn’t think of those memories of long ago. I wouldn’t remember a man whom I used to be so many years ago. No, I would continue to be Alexander. Not Vestus of the Sismondi. 

After, climbing through the many dark passageways and hidden turns, in the city of Volterra’s underground tunnels, I finally came to the entrance of the Volturi. Before, I reached the door, I heard a voice. Already, expecting her to be there, I turned to face Heidi. 

“Alex. What a pleasant surprise.” She said showing her beautiful, even teeth, a strikingly beautiful woman. I was not surprised to see her. Our normal affair to take place before I would be off. It seemed that all she wanted with me was a fling. Perhaps it was because she knew she would never get more. Or Master Aro ordered her not to attract me? 

“Come” She said instead, this time surprising me.” Master Aro is waiting for you.” 

“Ah. So you must have found someone else to keep you entertained tonight then.” I said with a small grimace. I wouldn’t let her know my disappointment. I could have any human or vampire woman I wanted. Heidi, simply laughed. 

“No. It is simply that Aro, wishes to see you now. He said it was most urgent. And you know Master Aro.” She said. Her eyes lingering on mine for a moment. I nodded. I did know Master Aro. When he wanted something, he got it. 

“Tonight then?” I asked pulling her into me.

“Um. Perhaps.” She said turning around and leading me up into the Volturi Castle. I sighed, looking back at the door I had just come through. How I couldn’t wait to leave again. I loathed being inside these walls more than any place in the world. I supposed it was simply more that I loathed being in Italy. If the Volturi lived in Sweden or England, I would have no problem being home. But instead, their residence happened to be in the country I was born in. And this was a problem.

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