Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Secrets Revealed (Alessandra post)

I knew that Aro was at door step, with Alec and another vampire. Though who that vampire was, I had no idea. Nor, any desire to meet him. I was sure it was a man, because of the way the vampire walked. Men walked differently than women did. This was a known fact. And why Aro had decided it was alright to bring Alec of all people along was beyond me. He knew exactly what I thought of the little ass, just as much as Alec himself knew what I thought of him and his sister. 

Of course, there was also the fact that Jane and Alec were twins. And while, Aro changed both of them, he did not deem my twin brother worthy enough of being spared. Not that I was certain I would have wanted a life like this for Vestus. I wondered how my brother would have handled immortally. But at least, I would have had someone. Someone other than say Demetri. I sighed, as the footsteps drew closer. They were most likely entering the hallway now into my chambers. I knew I should be there to greet them, etiquette and all. I just couldn’t bring myself to care. 

“Master Aro.” I heard Petrus say, while he moves some papers and things about. “And who…” His voice faltered. 

“Petrus, be a dear and fetch Alessandra. There is someone, I’d like---“ I sighed. Alright, alright, I thought, coming out of my library and into the main living room area, where I knew Aro would be waiting for me. I smooth down my hair and smoothed out my clothes. Not that it mattered. I knew Aro probably couldn’t care if my clothes of were of the most expensive Italian made material and artist there was. He would expect no less. Though most of my fellow Volturi still had their 17th or 18th century clothing. Preferring those, to modern. There were some of us who cared about fashion and style. Having been out in the human world, often enough. I supposed I was one of those people. I wore a loosely knitted dark green sweater, along with a light pink skirt, sued boots, and my hair neatly pinned up, perhaps my hairdo was a bit old fashion. But, old fashioned hair dos seemed to be slightly in style. 

Once, I was sure I was presentable, I entered my living room. Only to stare at Aro. Alec, seemed as if he was ready to pounce his gifts on me, as the man besides Aro, lifted off his cloak hood. I stood, staring at what looked like my brother, and took a step backwards. 

“Vestus?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. My brother in turned stared at me. Then, he shook his head as if he didn’t believe I was standing in front of him any more than I believed he was standing infront of me. How many times had I wished for my brother in the past two thousand years. 

“Vestia…” He said softly, walking to where I stood. He reached his hand out and touched mine. Then, stared at me for a long, long time. “You’re alive? Well… one of us?” He spoke to me in ancient Italian. I turned to Aro, after it was clear that my brother was very real. 

“You… You… You…”I started to say.

“Alessandra…” Petrus whispered, touching my shoulder. I looked at him. Then backed to Aro. 

“You changed my brother and never told me?” I asked, if I had thought Aro an ass before, I was very certain now, he was the devil himself. Or perhaps Hades? I had a fleeting desire to fling the sharpest object I had in the room at him which happened to be Vestus’ knife. However, with Alec, standing so near to Aro, I didn’t dare, and it was then that I understood why Aro felt the need to bring Alec along. 

“Alessandra?” Vestus said before Aro could explain himself. “Her name is Vestia. I cannot believe… You’re alive. You…” Vestus turned to stare at Aro. “You kept her from me?” He asked an edge to his voice. “For two thousand years? You couldn’t find it in you to tell me, that my twin sister was alive, and you.” He said pointing to Alec his red eyes very dangerous. “Knew about this also?” Alec shrugged.

“We were under orders not to reveal this…” I finally had enough, and just before, I could swing some object into Aro’s path, Petrus, grabbed my shoulders. 
“Alessandra.” He warned gently.

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