Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Series of Walkways (Alexander posted under Alessandra)

“Ah, well then. I hope you will stay with us a few days! Rest, and relish in the company of civilized minds! In fact,” Aro paused a minute, milky eyes twinkling. “There's someone I'd like you to meet.”

Bowing my head, I sighed. I had no desire to stay in Volterra for a few days. However, I knew what my Master was hinting it. He was not asking me to stay in Volterra for a few days. He was more, requesting me to stay in Volterra for a few days. A few days, was a few days too many. Soon, the memories would come back, and that was never a good thing. But, if my Master wanted me to stay, than stay I would. Perhaps, I could spend most of that time with Heidi. She always helped me to forget the past. 

“If it pleases you Master.” I said in a monotone voice. Aro raised an eyebrow, and looked as if he was going to say something, than, decided against it. I could not fathom whom this important person might possibly be that would require me to stay for a few days. But whoever the person was, Aro seemed to think, I would like them. Which was strange in itself. I rarely liked people. 

“Alexander trust me, you will want to meet this person.” Aro said, turning around and motioning for me to follow. I sighed again. Bored, wanting to desperately flee as memories slowly began to creep back into my mind. I could see that fire again. Feel its heat upon my face. Wondering who in the world would try and harm my family or why. Then, trying to desperately be the man I knew I was. Instead… It was my fault they were all dead. Or had died the way they did. If only, I could have done more. 

Master Aro led me down back up into the castle, picking up Alec along the way. I had no idea why the Master felt the need to pick up the little brat who looked as smug as always. Perhaps, the person I was meeting held some great power that threatened Master Aro. Hah, wouldn’t that be something. Someone to threatened The Great Master. I shook my head, trying to contain my thoughts, while we made our way to a part of the Volturi Castle I had never seen before. 

We came to a walk way, littered with ancient Roman artifacts. Some, I vaguely recognized, statues, vases, flowers. After we passed through the walkway, we came into a courtyard, which looked almost exactly like the courtyard in my father’s home. Why Master Aro, insisted on having a Roman courtyard inside his castle walls was beyond me. I reached out to touch a small fountain spurting water. Yes, that had to be the one in my father’s courtyard. I frowned. Wondering how it came to be in the Volturi castle.

“Master?” Alec asked. “I don’t think that Ale…” Master Aro held up his hand to prevent Alec from saying whatever it was he was about to say, and motioned me to stand up. We came up to a door, and it opened without anyone standing behind it, and before Aro, knocked.

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