Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten Days (Alice Post)

“Now?” A vampire, I recognized from the Forks area with blondish brown hair asked in a surprised voice. He was standing on a dark road behind Seattle near the ocean. He was more of a Teenager just turned into a man than a vampire.

“Yes now.” A childish, girlish voice responded. The voice had to be Victoria’s. The vision became a little bit clearer as I focused on Victoria. Her face showed no emotions.

“They’re not ready yet.” The boy responded.

“Then, you must train them my love.” Victoria responded.

“Train them?”

“Yes. To fight. The Cullens are very powerful. We must be prepared to face them.”

“I’ll do my best.” The boy answered.

“That’s good, I knew you would, which is why I chose you. Just remember to leave the little one named Alice alive.”

“Right. I’m worried though. We don’t have enough numbers yet.”

“That doesn’t matter anymore. You heard them.”

“Yes, I heard them. I’ll make sure they’re ready in ten days.” The man answered. 

“Alice? Alice…. Alice?” Jasper said bringing be back out of my vision. I blinked and stared at my family and the Denali. When did they arrive? I wondered. How long had I been in the vision? 

“Alice?” Carlisle asked looking at me now. I turned to Edward. 

“We don’t have to go Seattle.”I said. We were going to have to fight, and we were going to have to win for the people of Forks, for ourselves and our friends. 

“We’re not?” Emmett asked in a sad voice. 

“They’re coming here.” I said looking up at Jasper. 

“When?” Jasper asked. 

“In ten days.” 

“Then we have ten days to train. Jasper?” Carlisle said. Jasper nodded.

“I can train you. But it won’t be easy.” He responded.

“Now we’re going to see some action!” Emmett said. Rosalie slapped him on the shoulder.


“What?” He asked. “It’s true. “

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