Sunday, July 10, 2011

1928~ Teaching Lily the Ropes (Alice Post)

“How do you feel?” I asked as my friend shot up from the bed I had laid her on. I had moved our things out of our flat and into a nice little country farm house in the middle of nowhere. I had to keep her away from the humans for a little while. 

“Thirsty… Strange… What happened to me?” She asked turning to look at me. Her eyes a brilliant red. I sighed. 

“You were bit?” I asked. 

“Oh… Oh… Oh my god, am I gonna be like Dracula?” She asked in a panic. I laughed. 

“Hardly. I’m a vampire, am I like Dracula?” 

“You? You’re a… I guess that makes sense… I’m so thirsty.” Poor Lily, she seemed so confused. Her skin was now as hard and pale as mine. She was much more beautiful than she had been before. And Lily had not been a plain duck before she was turned. How was I ever going to keep her distracted from going on a killing rage? At least she wouldn’t have to figure everything out the way I did. 

“We should get you some blood.” I said wondering if I should train her to hunt the way I did. I shrugged. I might as well. It was going to be better than trying to teach her to hunt humans when I didn’t. 

“Blood? Oh yes. Vampire. Right. So you are a vampire?” Lily asked as if she couldn’t quite grasp the idea of being a vampire herself. It was always like that. I nodded. 

“And so are you.” I said. “You’re lucky I was there. That you have someone to show you the ways.”

“You didn’t?” I shook my head.

“Normally a creator will stay with its creation.” 

“Then, why didn’t mine?” Lily asked. 

“He didn’t mean to turn you.” I said. “And the police were nearby.” 


“We must not be seen by humans. That is the only law the Volturi have.” 

“The Volturi?”

“They’re like the ruling family of the vampires. Come on. I’ll show you how I hunt and you can decide for yourself if you want to hunt like me or kill humans.” I said.

“You don’t hunt humans?”

“Nope. I’m what is it called? A vegetarian?” 

“What do you mean?”

“I hunt animals.” I said with shrug. “Not as good as human blood. But it works.”

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