Friday, July 8, 2011

Alice the Warrior Princess (Alice Post)

“They’ll be here in five minutes!” I said staring at the spot where I knew the Newborns would come. Jasper gently looked at me and nodded. Ever in command. He stood his ground waiting, as did the rest of us. I knew, we would win of course. But there would be causalities. Not only on the Newborns side, but ours as well. I had seen a fire, but I had no idea whose body it was that was in it. I hoped, it wasn’t one of my families’. I really hated not being able to see everything properly as I was always able too.

“It’ll be fine.” Jasper said looking at me, sensing that I was worried. I nodded.

“I know.” I said.

“It will work.” He said now looking at Carlisle. Who sighed but nodded. We knew he didn’t want to fight anymore than the rest of us. Well, the rest of us, excluding Emmett.

We stood our ground, hearing the thunder of about thirty pairs of feet rushing our way. I glanced back at my husband, desperately hoping that the burning wasn’t for him. Then I looked towards the rest of my family. Really hoping it wasn’t one of them. But then, I cleared my mind. I couldn’t concentrate on that, if I was to live myself. The new borns rushed in. I took one last look at Jasper, then, jumped up and flipped over a newborn, taking his head off.

Another one rushed at me, I took that one out easily enough. I didn’t have time to think. Or to figure out who it was that was coming after me. To me, they were the ones trying to kill me and my family. I had to defend myself.

I rushed at another one. This one was big and burley like Emmett. He took a swing at me, but I moved aside, watching as he fell to the ground. Grunting, he shot back up, I flipped up into a tree, watched him, and let him go.

“Alice.” Jasper said nearby. “Don’t let him go. He’ll kill you if you do, or one of us.” I sighed, and came down on top of the newborn. Twisted his head, and rushed at another one. I felt like Xena the Warrior Princess taking down the bad guys. These little newborns didn’t stand a chance.

I took out another one, and another. I started to lose track of how many I was taking out. I wanted to look to be sure my family and friends were alright. But I couldn’t lose focus.

Alice, the warrior princess come to save the day! I thought, leaping up, and punching another newborn. As long as you were winning, fighting wasn’t so bad. But it wasn’t something I wanted to do all the time.

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