Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homer and Crafts

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You would think that living in a new place, I would have lots and lots of stuff to write about. And I do, I just havent had any time to write it all. lol. But I finally decided to take time and write it. Or at least to write some of it. 

For starts, a few weeks ago, my siblings came up for a visit and while they went all over Alaska, I had to work during most of their stay. Which, I might add, was good. I need to work. But, it didnt give me alot of time to spend with them. I did get to spend at least one whole day with them. We went to Homer. Yes, I have seen Homer. 

Homer really wasnt much of a town for all it's fame. It's supposed to be the Halibut fishing town of the world. And it is also the farthest town you can drive too in the US. The trip there was dull and rainy for the most part, but beautiful never the less. We got to drive on the most beautiful road in the US. mountains on either side and the ocean. That was pretty. We also saw a beautiful mountain pass. Homer was alright, I might have enjoyed it more if it was prettier outside. I did some pretty neat sea shells and a few small things. 

Last night I watched The Borrowers for the first time ever. Yes I am bit behind times lol. But I have to say I loved it. I cant wait to see the Japanese version that just came out in Japan. :) The music is so pretty. I also listened to a BBC Radio broadcasting of the first Borrower book. I really enjoyed the movie and the broadcast. 

I've been working on a few crafts lately. Right now, I am making my first apron. I hope it turns out well. 

So far I've made a little pink hanky with a cute butterfly pattern I found in an 1860s version of Lady Godey's Magazine. I also had to remake the string on my camera because it broke. I just took some cording and strung it on. Simple and quick lol. 

I also made a cute little pouch for my mirror. I crocheted it. I think I'm getting better at crochet. It turned out so cute. :) 

And I finally finished a basket I've been working on since before moved. I decided to use it to keep craft supplies in. I might add more decorations to it. We'll see. 

Wew I think I am finally done with this post. So much in one little post. Well, I shall leave you with a song from Arrietty. So pretty. 

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