Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Instant Southern Cooking

Today, I have a meeting to go too for work at 3:30 so it's kinda hard to go out on your day off and do a lot when you have a meeting in the middle of the afternoon. So I decided to take to the kitchen. Well of course we only had two cups of flour. Not enough to use what I wanted it for. So I instead, found some instant corn bread mix, and baked it up. 

Yup, and that turned out really well. So next, I went through the fridge and found I had some frozen Jambalaya. Not as good as original. but it works. So I baked up the corn bread, popped the Jambalaya in the microwave, made some sweet ice tea, and had me a nice Creole Southern dish for lunch. And who says instant food isnt good! It was excellent. Now if only I had some Beignet's to finish it off lol. 

See, I had a yummy meal in minuets. I am so proud of myself lol. 

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