Friday, July 8, 2011

Joanna's first DIY (Elle Fanning's Choker and Bracelet)

So last week I got a copy of Teen Vogue and Marie Claire. (Two of my favorite fashion magazines) Anyway, they both did photo shoots of little Elle Fanning who is growing up pretty quick. And she always has the best clothes and accessories. But the more I looked into her cute little accessories, the more I realized I would never be able to afford them. So I decided to make them. They arent exactly like her's. But I think each item I made turned out pretty damn good. I even wrote up my first tutorial for them. Here they are.

Elle Fanning's Choker

You will need black:
 velvet trimming (about an inch wide)
A medium size charm ( I am using a cameo button)
Velcro (Preferably the kind that stick)
Measuring Tape

1.       Lay out all your items

1.       Measure your neck
2.       Cut the velvet trimming according to how wide your neck is and then add a few inches. So say my neck is 14 inches wide I would cut my velvet to about 16 inches for space to work with.

1.       Fold over the ends and sew using matching thread.
2.       Now, find the middle and put a needle in it, to hold the middle. Either glue or sew your charm onto the trimming. 

1.       Once that is done,add the velcro and you have yourself a cute little chocker for next to nothing. 

EllElle's Bracelet

You will need:
Pastal color beads ( I chose a greenish blue)
Bracelette ends
Matching seed beads

1.       Cut wire to about 12 inches or so.
2.       Twist one bracelette end onto the wire and slide a seed bead next to it.

1.       String on your beads to however size you want your bracelette.
2.       At the end, string on a seadbead, then the bracellette end.
3.       Twist the remaining wire. Clip and finish.

After I made the bracelet I realized it was too big for my wrist lol. So I had to take out two beads and re work it. But now I have a cute choker and pretty bracelet. The only things I had to buy where the trimming and beads. 

Well, that was fun! I might do more DIYS. We'll see. I've always wanted to do one. And I love teaching people how to make my crafts. So maybe I will do more. Hehe. 


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