Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Pics from trip to Homer

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Even though it was such a cloudy day that day, I decided to post a few photos from our trip to Homer. They're mostly on the road to Homer. The most beautiful one in all of Alaska. (Should learn the name of this road lol.)  You can still see the mountains and the ocean. So, I thought everyone would like to see them. :) 

Some of these are taken with my camera on my phone because my siblings had my camera lol. But I think they turned out kinda cool. It's said you can see wales down in this bay sometimes. we never did though. I think it's because the tide was out. 

I think it rains alot in Alaska in the summer. lol. It was really nice here the first two or three weeks we got here. But ever since it's rained quite alot. It reminds me of Michigan in the spring. But we alos have alot of really pretty days too. 

It's alot prettier when the sun is shinning. And it's even prettier when you are actually driving on the road. 

This sign tells all about the mining towns and mining in Alaska. I cant image what it must have been like to live a hundred years ago in Alaska. It must have been a very rough life. 

So there are the pics I've been wanting to post. Just for you Mr. Moore. :) 

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