Saturday, July 30, 2011

Palm Reading (Alessandra)

“Where are you going?” I asked Alex, taking his a hold of his arm in a quick motion before he left my chambers. He shrugged. 

“Aro has some things for me to do in town. Would you and Petrus like to come?” He asked looking from me to Petrus. I looked over at Petrus. 

“If Alessandra wants too.” Petrus answered leaning up against the wall looking at his finger nails for some strange reason
. So I nodded, and Petrus moved away from the wall, coming to my side in an instant flash. 


By the time we reached the city from the castle, it was dark outside. So there was no chance that a human would guess what we were. Besides, we each had contacts in our eyes and instead of dressing in our cloaks, we decided to wear our street clothes. I pulled my jacket around tighter, not that I needed it. 

“So, what is it Aro wants you to do, and why do you do what he wants you to do anyway?” I asked my brother. 

“It’s my job. Didn’t he give you a job?” I shrugged.

“Not really.” I said. 

“Even if he had, Alessandra probably wouldn’t do it. She defies everything he says.” Petrus said. 

“I see.” Alex said, leading us down a series of alleys. “Ah here are.” He added as we came outside of the city’s walls and into what looked like a circus camp. An old fashion gypsy camp. I looked at my brother for a moment.

“Aro wants you to go into an old Gypsy camp?” I asked. 

“What’s wrong with that?” Alex asked. 

“Nothing. I just didn’t think Gypsy’s still existed.” I said looking back at Petrus who shrugged. 

“I’m game.” He said. “Readings are always fun.”

“You’ve had readings before?” I asked. He nodded. 

“Who hasn’t?”

“Why would you want one? We don’t need to know our future. We know it.” I stated still skeptical.

“If we were in Rome right now you would have gone.” 

“That was two thousand years ago, before I knew what my future held. Now I know what it holds. Whatever Aro wants.” I said rolling my eyes. “I’ll go, but I doubt these people can tell me anything that little Alice Cullen couldn’t tell me. For free I might add.” 

Just then, a dark haired Gypsy woman came up to us. Wearing bright colors that were slightly dirty, and a purple silk scarf. Looking the part of a Gypsy. I sighed. 

“Would you care to have your palms read?” She asked in a serious accent. 

“Palm reading? Alex really?” I asked looking at my brother. “I can do palm reading myself.”

“Ah yes, but what your eyes see, are not what mine see.” The woman commented. Having heard me despite our vampire talking. I arched an eyebrow. At her. 

“Alessandra, just give her a chance.” Petrus said now taking my brother’s side. I finally sighed and gave in. Letting the woman drag us towards her camper where she opened the door, to reveal a fairly decently furnished camper. Which was cleaner than I expected. On the tiny table she had a crystal ball and a set of tarot cards. A candle. How cliché. 

“Why don’t you go first darling.” She said pointing to a sit across from her as she sat down at the table. She took hold of my hands, and I jerked them away. A human’s soft, warm touch could feel the deathly cold, of my hands for certain. But Alex looked at me in his way that said Alessandra, come on. And I sighed. 

“I cannot read your palms unless you let me.” The woman said amused. If she felt how cold my hands were she said nothing. 

“This is very strange.” The woman said taking my left hand and touching my hand were the life line started. It says that you have already lived a very long life. But yet, you do not seem as if you are over eighteen. And you will live for many years yet to come.” She said. I sighed at this. 

“Yes, I was afraid you were going to say that.” I said softly. Wishing with all my might that it were not so. 
“Your head line says that you are a deep an intelligent person who has a high position in power.” The woman stated. I rolled my eyes. The Volturi were not something I was proud to be a part of. “However, it also says that you had a higher position of power once. Perhaps that of a leader?” 

“Alessandra was once involved in a Priestess hood.” Alex said carefully. I stared at him. We shouldn’t be discussing my past with this human woman. The woman however did not seem surprised. 

“ You’ve had a great love once.” She said conintinuing her reading. “And it broke your heart. But you found your lover recently. “ The woman glanced at Petrus whom smiled charmingly at her. “You also had many affairs. Your lover should know about.” She added with a smirk. The woman continued on reading off each one of my lines, stating something in my past and something in my future. Reading my hand just as another woman once long ago read it. When she was done, I left her a few dollars. And walked out of the camper. I did not want hear her read Petrus or Alex’s future. I did not want to know their past. I knew what I knew about them and that was enough. But what troubled me the most about the woman was that she did not say a word about how cold my hands were. Neither had the other Gypsy woman I had once seen long ago. She had told me a great deal more than this one had of course. I wondered if time had changed how much the Gypsies’ told their clients. 

(Palm reading information taken from: Gypsy Magic by Patrinella Cooper)

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