Thursday, July 14, 2011

(Volterra) Gadgets and Tech Work~ (Alessandra)

I placed yet another box beside the desk were my boyfriend was working away at creating something. I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be yet. It looked like some small robot shaped in a bug? I looked down at it and started to touch it, when he slapped my hand away. I stared at him. 

“What in the name of the gods are doing?” I asked. “And why all the damn boxes?”

“You’re the one who insisted on going back to Volterra.” Was all Petrus said. I looked at my brother who walked into the room, carrying another box. “Thanks, Alex just put it here.” Petrus added pointing to a spot near the boxes I had just laid down. We both stared at him.

“Have neither of you seen gadgets before or something?”

“I’ve seen them at the college I went too.” I said. “But no one was messing with them.” 

“I’ve seen them.” Alex said. “Never had a desire to play with them though. I do not understand modern technology at all.” I blinked and stared at my brother. The great and smart Vestus, didn’t understand modern technology? I laughed.

“Really?” I asked. 

“Um. Shut up Alessandra.” He said, a smirk playing across his lips. He knew exactly what I was thinking. Mother always doted on how smart Vestus was and I had constintly been told I was no was no were near as smart as he was. 

“The smart brother of mine who doesn’t understand modern technology. Wouldn’t mother love to hear that.” I teased gently. Nudging him playfully. 

“I take it you were the smart one of the family?” Petrus asked not looking up from his gadgets.

“And I was the smart one of the family.” Alex replied still smirking, well he sure was still full of himself. Of course he really always had been. It didn’t help that my family had fed it to him. Oh Vestus how handsome my boy is. I rolled my eyes. 

“That’s funny, I always thought Alessandra was the smarter. It takes a lot ot be a Priestess from what I understand.” Petrus smirked.

“Suck up.” Alex muttered. I laughed. Yay, Petrus, ten points for you! I kissed him.

“Yes, but sucking up gets me…”

“This is my sister you are talking about.” Alex interupted. I smiled, sweetly and innocently at him.

“Please, Alex, it’s not like you stood by and watched in Rome.” I grinned at him. If he could have, I was very certain my brother would have blushed.

“Really… Now that is something you havent told me.”Petrus said now that I was on his lap. I kissed him gently again.

“ Darling, there are a lot of things I havent told you.” I giggled. 

“Um, I think that perhaps, I should leave and you to have your fun alone.” Alex said. “I am not going watch my sister…” He mumbled walking out of the room. I laughed.

“So he really watched?”

“It was Rome.” I said softly. “I’ve done things I am sure would shock the hell out of you.” I said. “Ask Demetri sometime. He’ll tell you I am sure or Felix.” 

“Don’t want to know.” Petrus said.

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