Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back in Forks (Alessandra)

Great. I thought as we drove up the old farmhouse that Anna’s father once owned in Forks. It was cloudy and raining as usual. However what wasn’t normal was that Alice Cullen stood in front of the house with Jasper at her side. Both wearing their designer coats even though they certainly didn’t need them. Alice held a basket filled of Gods knew what, while Jasper had a strange expression on his face.

I should have known that Alice would know I was coming. I wonder if she warned Carlisle. Well good, if she did. I still was angry that he didn’t bother tell me he was in some kind of danger.

“Who’s that?” My brother asked from the back seat of the car. He had been unusually quiet since we left Volterra.

“Alice.” Petrus said. “And Jasper. I forgot she would have guessed we were coming.”

“The Alice Aro wants to join the Volturi?” Alex asked.

“Yes, and don’t bother on trying to get her to join. Neither she nor Jasper will.” I snapped looking back at Alex. I was still annoyed that he was Aro’s little scout. When Aro’s scouts were what brought us to him and killed our family.

“Alessandra holding a grudge on family isn’t good.” Alex said rolling his eyes. “Besides, if I didn’t do something useful, Aro probably would have had me killed and you know that. Demetri and Felix even have jobs that Aro gave them. You don’t seem angry at them.” I rolled my eyes. Alex looked at Petrus for help, but Petrus wisely shook his head.

“Nope, I am staying out of this.” He said pulling into the drive way and parking the car. Alice was on us instantly.

“I knew you’d come back to visit us!” She said throwing her arms around me and then hugging Petrus.” And this is your brother?” She asked smiling brightly at Alex, who bowed gracefully.

“Alex de Sismondi at your service.” He grinned. “Hello.” He said to Jasper.

“Alessandra, Do you have to chew Carlisle out? He’s dealt with so much since the battle.” Jasper said in his southern accent. I glared at him “Okay… okay. Just take it easy on him.”

“I’m not going to go easy on him. He should have told me!” I whinned. Jasper sighed.

“It’ll be okay Jazz, he wont be too upset at seeing Alessandra.” Alice said handing me the basket she had in her hands. “I got you guys a few things. Jasper helped of course. But don’t open it until you’re in the house. And no I wont tell Carlisle you’re here.” Alice chattered, making my brother laugh.

“We better be on our way, before the others wonder where we are. Esme wont like that you’re here.” Jasper snickered. Making Petrus laugh this time. We watched them go and Alex turned to stare at me.

“So that’s Alice and Jasper uh?” He asked after I had given him the basket from Alice.

“Yep.” I said.

“Is the rest of the family like them?”

“Um… Yes and no? Esme and Rosalie do not like me much.” I said. “So I doubt they will be by. And we arent going to visit them either unless we’re invited.”

“That bad uh?” Alex asked as Petrus began to unload our luggage.

“Esme thinks Alessandra wants to take Carlisle from her. And I am not sure what is up Rosalie’s ass. I think its because Alessandra is prettier than she is and Rosalie doesn’t like that.” Alex snorted.

“Then its probably high time she meant someone who was prettier than she was. And why would Alessandra want Carlisle if she has you?”

“Who knows.” Petrus said with a shrug. “Do we ever get into the mind of Women?” I glared at Petrus. Did he forget I was standing right here and I was a woman? “No offense.” He said towards me.
“Whatever.” I said grabbing my luggage and easily carrying it into the house.

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