Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fixed bracelet and art

Location: Desk
Mood: Quiet
Music: Echoes of Harlem~ Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters
Book: Beka Cooper 

Well, I am afraid this shall be a very short post. As I havent much to say lol. Not a whole lot has happened since the last time I posted. However, I am making a small dent in my list of things to get done. 

I finally got around to fixing my bracelet from my friend. I just had to re wire it as the wire snapped during work one day. I was happy that I was able to save the bracelet and only lost a few beads. I think it turned out just the way she made it for me with the exepection of the small beads that are missing. 

And I also got a chance to create my abstract art. Okay, so painting isnt really something I am really good at. So you will have to excuse me if it's not perfect. But I think it's pretty at least. lol I used the American Girl Sparkle water color paint set for this. 

The picture is a little dark because its been raining so much here and my room wasnt as light as I had wanted it too be for the picture. But you get the general idea. And that's about what I've done this weekend lol. besides work that is. 

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