Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Ashes to Mom did what? (Alice Post)

The field of course was a disaster. And with Ed, Bella, and Carlisle off it was up to the rest of us to clean up the mess before the humans caught onto what had happen. And before it hit the news and God knew what else. Which meant, I was about to have some fun. So, I quickly took charge of burning the rest of the vampire bodies and covering up the ashes. 

Sometime towards the end of the clean I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was Carlisle, and I answered it before it could ring more than one time. 

“Carlisle, what is it?” I asked, praying that La Push was okay and Esme and Elizabeth. And the wolves. 

“You were right of course. Victoria was in La Push.” Carlisle said. 

“Is Esme and the baby okay?” I asked. Not surprised that I was right. I always was right. I just hated it when I couldn’t see things clearly. 

“They’re fine and so are the boys. Alice, Victoria is no longer a threat to us.” Carlisle said. 

“She’s dead then?” I asked not in the least surprised. 

“Yes, Esme…”

“Really? Esme killed her? Go Mom!” I said. Esme was after all a vampire with normal vampire gifts. It wasn’t that surprising that given the right moment she could kill if she needed too. “Okay, we’ll meet you guys back home in a little while. We’re almost done here.” 

“Great.” Carlisle said and hung up. I turned to Emmett. 

“Hey Em!” I shouted, as he brushed some dirt over a pile of ashes. 

“What?” He called back. 

“Mom killed Victoria!” I said walking up to my brother.

“Mom did wha….?” He asked dropping the branch he had in his hands. 

“Killed Victoria!” I said again, Jasper smirked at me. 

“bout time Esme got some action. Well, other than yelling at us.” 

“Jazz!” Rose shot.” She’s obviously capable. You boys might not want to piss her off too much.” It was Rose’s turn to smirk. 

“Anyway, I told Carlisle we’d meet them back home when we got done.” I said leaning into Jasper.

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